2018 Buick Encore vs. 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Deciding Between: The 2018 Buick Encore vs. 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

People are by no means cookie cutter when it comes to how we choose to live our lives. Sure we may all wake up, go to work, and do what we have to do to keep living in a civilized society, but at the end of the day, we all find our own unique way to accomplish our goals. Some are on the fast track, while others believe slow and steady will win their race. There are also ones that may need to push through with their grit, while others want to move smarter not harder. Finally, there are those that enjoy the solo adventure, while others travel in packs. Basically, we all have different lifestyles, and with those lifestyles comes different needs, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Comparing vehicles to fit your lifestyle can be tricky, especially when they are in the same class. That being said, if you want something that will always fit perfectly in almost any lifestyle the compact SUV class is the way to go. Compact SUVs offer the efficiency of an SUV with the easy handling and convenience of a much smaller model. The 2018 Buick Encore and the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport are two of the best compact SUVs on the market if you are looking for something that is designed to be a perfect fit. Comparing the 2018 Buick Encore vs. 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and explaining how they will fit into every unique type of lifestyle is the best way of comparing these vehicles in comparison to how they may fit into your life.


The Stylish Lifestyle

Even if you aren’t the shallow type, the appearance of a car is still an important if not essential feature when deciding what automotive is right for you. Just like the clothing you wear can make you feel comfortable or confident, so can your vehicle; not to mention feeling comfortable and confident while driving can also be help make you a better driver in general.

Many variables impact the style of a vehicle including body type, color options, upholstery, and just overall presence of the vehicle. When comparing the 2018 Encore to the 2018 Santa Fe Sport, it really isn’t a matter of better or worse, just preference.

The 2018 Buick Encore is more compact and refined by design. The front features such as the grille and lighting are all well thought out and extremely unobtrusive to look at, as it should be with a compact. It also has a fun and unique spark to it that just can’t help but charm those who see it in person. The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, on the other hand, is more bold and traditional with its style. Looking at it in person, you will be an appeal to sense the appeal that comes from having a vehicle that you know will look good in multiple situations.


The Frugal Lifestyle

Breaking it down to the stats alone, the 2018 Encore starts at $22,990 while the 2018 Santa Fe Sport starts at $24,940, making the 2018 Encore the clear options for anyone who is looking to save their wallet a bit of a beating. Clearly starting price alone isn’t everything, but the 2018 Encore also has a long this of standard features such as a 1.4L Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, keyless open and start, Quiettuning technology, and leather fixtures. It basically has a bit of everything even before you look to upgrade, giving it the edge on frugality.


The Powerful Lifestyle

If you are the type that desires intense power, then a compact vehicle may not be your cup of tea, but these are vehicles that understand finding the perfect mix of power and handling. The 2018 Encore and 2018 Santa Fe Sport offer two types of engines each. Both engine options are in either forward-wheel drive or all-wheel drive for your handling satisfaction and convenience.

As mentioned before, the Buick Encore offers a 1.4L turbo engine as the standard options which get 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. You can also get the 1.4L direct-port injection turbo engine which will increase that to 153 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. It isn’t the best of its class, but it is one of the most compacts of its class, so it’s a give and take when it comes to power.

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport pretty much blows the Buick Encore away when it comes to engine power alone. Between its two engines, the Santa Fe Sport lives up to its athletic name by offering anywhere from 185 to 240 horsepower and 178 to 260 lb-ft of torque. That being said, it is a fair amount bigger, giving it the edge when it comes to those that have a lifestyle that requires a little extra kick. It also can tow a max of 1,650 pounds, where the Encore does not have towing capability.


The Convenient Lifestyle

We live in a world where convenience means everything. Whether the city or the countryside is your home, you can always find some convenient features in your vehicle that will make your life that much better.

Compact SUVs are generally ideal for those that live in crowded urban areas because they offer amazing handling and ideal storage. Clearly, a bigger model like the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport will offer more storage space with 71.5 cubic feet in cargo space, while a smaller model with be able to handle those crowded streets better and get you into and out of even the toughest of spaces. So for general body type convenience, both of these models offer their own pros and cons.

Convenience can also come in the form of technology and safety features. The 2018 Buick Encore highlights an impressive number of standard features. For entertainment, it offers an 8-inch infotainment system, and for safety, it offers a rear vision camera. It also offers keyless open and starts for convenience as well as Quiettuning tech to keep things peaceful as your drive.

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, on the other hand, offers its own list of standards. It also includes a rearview camera and keyless entry but seems to lack the keyless start, and it only offers a 5-inch audio system. Overall if you get this model, it is best to upgrade to one of the two higher trim levels and pay the extra penny for all the best standard features for your convenience.

Your lifestyle should always be the main thought on your mind when deciding which will be your next car, and which car is best for you. Whether you need a stylish car to make a great impression, an affordable car to save some cash, a powerful car to get you where you need to go, or a convenient car to make it feel like home, you just need to take a look at the fine details and you are sure to see which one fits you best.