Creative Ways Chevy Compared Their Vehicles to Star Athletes

Since 2005, Chevy has partnered with Major League Baseball to provide programs for children. Through the accompanying Chevrolet Youth Baseball program, the brand has helped donate more than 100,000 equipment kits and renovate more than 9,000 baseball parks, impacting more than 6.5 million children around the United States.

However, the brand’s relationship with MLB goes beyond their willingness to help children. Rather, Chevy also awards the league’s players with vehicles for specific accolades, including World Series and All-Star Game MVP awards.

“At Chevrolet, we appreciate the positive effect that playing sports has on our kids and that is why it is so important for our brand and our dealers to support baseball at every level,” said Brian Sweeney, the U.S. vice president of Chevrolet.

We’re partly convinced that the brand tries to associate the MVP with the awarded vehicle. However, sometimes these comparisons are a bit of a stretch. Still, we give Chevy credit for continually finding ways to connect their various vehicles with the skill sets of the players they’re ultimately honoring.

Below, we’ve explored three “clever” ways that Chevy attempted to compare their vehicles to star athletes. Sure, this might not play much of a role as you’re shopping for used trucks for sale. However, maybe you’ve come across a used variation of one of the pickups and think “hey, I could be driving around in the same vehicle as a World Series MVP!”

2018 Chevrolet Silverado Centennial Edition: OF George Springer, HOU

George Springer tied the record for most home runs during the 2017 World Series with five, and he also knocked in seven RBIs. However, prior to his offensive explosion, you could argue that the outfielder was more known for his speed and fielding prowess. Sure, the outfielder has some pop, but I would have expected him to make five highlight catches or steal five bases instead of hitting five home runs.

Well, apparently those over at Chevy didn’t get the memo. The brand ended up providing the eventual World Series MVP with the renowned 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Centennial Edition pickup. The brand looked to capitalize on the 100th anniversary of production on their first truck by producing this opulent, stylish pickup. While they certainly succeeded with their agenda, you can’t necessarily say that this specific variation of the nameplate is similar to Springer. Sure, the 22-inch painted wheels are rugged like the outfielder, but the cosmetic inclusions (like the Centennial Blue exterior paint) are a bit too stylish to be compared to the MVP.

Perhaps Chevy recognized his right before they awarded the pickup truck to the Astros outfielder. Ultimately, Brian Sweeney ended up emphasizing the “Never Give Up” comparisons between the brand and the Houston Astros.

“In a matchup of the two best teams in baseball, George Springer’s performance on the field tonight and throughout the World Series truly embodies the same ‘Never Give Up’ spirit that drives the Chevrolet team to win every day,” said Sweeney. “We are proud to recognize Springer’s tremendous efforts with the Willie Mays World Series MVP award and the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Centennial Edition pickup.”


2017 Chevy Camaro SS 50th Anniversary Edition: SS Ben Zobrist, CHC

When the Cubs won their first World Series in more than 100 years, versatile infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist ended up taking home MVP honors. Known more as a “tenth man” throughout his career, Zobrist was generally known for his versatility and ability to play nearly every position on the field. While his World Series performance certainly earned him the MVP honors, it wasn’t like that the player was previously considered one of the best bats in the game.

That’s why it’s a bit surprising that the brand didn’t provide Zobrist will one of their more versatile offerings. Instead, they awarded the infielder/outfielder with the 2017 Chevy Camaro SS 50th Anniversary Edition. While the nameplate is undoubtedly impressive for an array of reasons, it doesn’t necessarily scream versatility. Instead, it seems to emphasize both style and sportiness. Sure, Zobrist is plenty athletic, but considering his grizzly beard during the 2017 World Series, you certainly wouldn’t describe him as stylish.

Predictably, the brand once again tried to emphasize their “Never Give Up” mantra, even if it was a bit of a stretch.

“In this historic matchup, Zobrist’s performance on the field truly embodies the same ‘Never Give Up’ spirit that drives the Chevrolet team to innovate every day and that has made us the Most Awarded Automotive Brand two years in a row,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “We are proud to recognize the tremendous efforts of Zobrist with the MVP award and the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition convertible.”


2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport: 2B Robinson Cano, SEA

The Seattle Mariners power-hitting second baseman took home MVP honors following his decisive home run during the 2017 All-Star Game. Second basemen aren’t generally known for their power, making Cano one of the more unique players in the game. Therefore, the brand might have been better off awarding the player with a car that delivers a surprising amount of power. Instead, the second baseman opted for the 2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport (instead of the Colorado ZR2), a sporty car that certainly doesn’t surprised with its incredible power specs.

“Robinson Canó turned in a tremendous performance tonight and is an excellent example to all baseball fans, and especially our kids, that hustle, determination, and teamwork are what wins, and that is why Chevrolet is proud to present the MVP award,” said Sweeney.

Either way, there’s no denying that the 2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport is plenty impressive. Thanks to the incredible engine, drivers can anticipate a 0-to-60 mile per hour time that’s approaching 3.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time that’s lingering around 11.8 seconds (when traveling at 118 miles per hour). Cano is generally known for his power more than his speed, but we’ll say that this is one of the brand’s less egregious awards.