A red 1987 Chevrolet K10 Pickup is shown parked near a used Chevy dealership.

Chevy Trucks: Changing Your Perspective With a Lift Kit

There are times when you want your truck to perform above and beyond. After all, that’s why you purchased a Chevy, right? To drive a truck with a history of dependability from one of the nation’s longest-running automotive brands? One that you can rely on to take you wherever you need to go with no paint lines required? Or maybe you’re considering purchasing from a used Chevy dealership and curious about trucks that already have a lift kit installed. Either way, upgrading your Chevy truck with a factory lift is a common choice for increasing its capabilities and appearance. Factory lifts—also called suspension lifts—provide increased ground clearance to navigate rugged terrain and enhance off-road performance. In this article, we’ll examine factory lifts for Chevy trucks, their advantages, and more.

But first—have you ever wondered where the idea for the first lifted truck came from? You might be surprised to learn the first lifted trucks were a necessity born from needing to haul supplies and equipment into treacherous terrain during the Second World War. When soldiers returned, craving the excitement of navigating rugged terrain, the automotive industry answered with a group of vehicles made for off-roading. By the time the 1970s rolled around, there were off-roading clubs in many states testing their homemade lift kits. Eventually, this led to factory-made lift kits becoming available for a variety of trucks, including the durable Chevy brand.

A 2023 light brown 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is shown parked on rocks after visiting a used Chevy dealership.

What Does a Factory Lift Comprise?

A factory lift is a suspension adjustment applied to a truck that essentially increases the space between the vehicle’s frame and the ground. Raising the ride height on Chevy trucks often entails changing the suspension systems, such as adding longer shocks, springs, and other specialist parts. Depending on the model and trim, Chevy offers factory lifts in various sizes; the manufacturer methodically engineers and installs these lifts to ensure they adhere to industry standards, preserve warranty coverage, and provide smooth integration with the truck’s design.

There are typically two types of lift kits: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. Both are designed to increase ground clearance, but they do it in different ways…

Body Lifts

If you want to avoid making significant changes to your truck, this type of kit is a good choice because it will raise the body without changing the suspension. A body lift kit is the simplest option, but it’s worth noting that it only adds one to three inches. Still, it is a cheaper option for lifting your truck when you’re on a budget. When exploring a body kit for your Chevy truck, it’s a good idea to explore how its use might affect your warranty, especially if the manufacturer determines the lift kit damaged the vehicle.

Suspension Lifts

A suspension lift kit could be just what you need to improve the look of your truck and make it easier to go off-roading. A factory-installed suspension lift kit gives you more ground clearance, making it easier to drive over rough terrain.

The Silverado 1500 Suspension Lift Kit allows you to personalize your 2019 or newer truck with the only two-inch option specifically made for Silverado. The kit works for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive select Silverado trims, providing precision-tuned monotube dampers, a front camera reconfiguration, and Electronic Power Steering calibration to ensure everything is in working order.

When adding this lift kit to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT with the 5.3L V8 engine or the Chevrolet LT Short Bed with the 3.0L Turbo-Diesel, you will also need a Trail Boss Spec Steel Leaf Spring Kit. This kit cannot be installed on trucks with regular cabs, such as the Silverado 1500 Custom Trail Boss and LT Trail Boss trims, all Max Trailering Package trucks, or any Snow Plow Prep-equipped trucks.

Benefits to Factory Lifts

You might want a factory lift installed on your Chevy truck for many reasons. A few of the most common include…

Higher Ground Clearance: As mentioned, higher ground clearance is one of the most important benefits. With more room between the truck’s undercarriage and the ground, there is less chance that something will damage the underside of your truck, making off-roading easier.

Stronger Off-Road Performance: Factory lifts provide Chevy trucks with stronger off-road capabilities, enabling them to navigate difficult terrains, including rocky paths, mud pits, and uneven terrain.

Larger Tire Fitment: The higher ride height permits the installation of larger tires, improving the truck’s appearance and providing superior off-road traction and stability.

Manageable Towing: Factory lifts might be useful for drivers who routinely tow or haul heavy cargo. A longer suspension can assist the vehicle in managing the extra weight and put less stress on its parts.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Besides their practical advantages, factory lifts can change a truck’s appearance, giving it a more dominating and forceful presence on the road.

Is Buying a Used Truck With a Factory Lift a Good Idea?

When shopping for your used Chevy truck, you might consider one that has a lift kit installed. This decision will hinge on several variables. For instance, it’s important to evaluate any used truck’s general condition and maintenance history before deciding whether it has the lift kit you want or not. When installed with a factory lift kit, you’ll want to ensure the truck and all its parts have been properly maintained.

You’ll also need to decide about the primary use for your truck. Will you also be using it as your everyday vehicle? A pre-owned Chevy truck with a factory lift can be the best choice if you routinely travel through rugged terrain or intend to go on off-road excursions. On the other hand, a factory lift might not be required and may result in a less comfortable ride if the truck is mostly used as a daily driver or for light hauling.

Discussing warranty information with the dealership is essential when considering buying a secondhand Chevy truck with a factory lift. You’ll need to determine if the manufacturer’s guarantee still covers the lift modification and what that guarantee includes. For this reason, working with a dealership focusing on Chevy trucks is a good idea. To find any potential problems and help you make an informed decision, they can evaluate the state of the factory lift, suspension parts, and other crucial systems.

Ultimately, purchasing a used truck with a factory lift is a matter of preference. While some truck fans may favor a stock truck or consider aftermarket lift options, others may prefer a factory lift’s extra functionality and beauty.

A red 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 and a red 2023 Silverado ZR2 are shown parked next to one another.

Choose Chevy for Your Next Lifted Truck

Chevy is no stranger to lift kits. In fact, they lifted their first Silverado 1500 shortly after it was introduced to the public, and they’ve been perfecting their lifting options since then. In fact, the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the latest Chevy truck to include a factory-installed lift kit for superior off-road capabilities.

Chevy’s factory lifts offer a number of advantages, including improved off-road performance, more ground clearance, and a rugged style. If you’re looking for a used truck with a factory lift, pay attention to the truck’s condition, maintenance record, and warranty information to ensure you make the best choice. A used Chevy truck with a factory lift, which has been well-kept and inspected, can be an excellent investment and provide years of off-roading for you and your friends. In addition, working with a reputable Chevy dealer to find your used truck can ensure you gain the information you need and the support you deserve after the sale.