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Autonomous Driving

Are We Really Ready for Autonomous Driving?

These days, it seems that barely a day goes by where current auto news fails to make some sort of mention of autonomous driving. Perhaps it’s an automaker sharing their aggressive timeline for the development of a fully autonomous offering, or maybe the headline is based around the tech company that an automaker is partnering [...]

2019 Acura TLX

The Virtues of the 2019 Acura TLX

First introduced in 2015, the Acura TLX made an immediate impact, displacing the TL and TSX sedans which had been consistent fixtures in the Acura lineup across the previous two decades. It also represented a niche subset of the lineup, since over 2/3 of Acura’s sales as of 2015 were compromised of SUV offerings, a [...]

Audi Blog

While it certainly feels like an organic continuation of the 2010-2015 run of RS5s, this most recent entry into Audi’s A5 family sports a dramatically updated aesthetic which might be best described as falling somewhere between “risky” and “brave”. Personally, we embrace the uncharacteristically aggressive vibe of the RS5, feeling that it addresses an almost [...]

Ford Bronco Concept

Anticipating the Resurrected 2020 Ford Bronco

Concept Image It was at last year’s Detroit Auto Show when Ford Motor Company spoke the words that frankly, we’re surprised that it took them so long to say. That announcement was in regard to the iconic Ford Bronco, and it’s impending resurrection for the 2020 model year. Needless to say, they had our attention, [...]