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A silver Audi Pop.up.Next concept car and drone with NYC in the back at night

Are We Looking Too Far Forward?

    Audi recently unveiled its concept of the ‘Pop.up.Next’, a fusion of self-driving electric car and passenger drone which they expect to have on the market within the next decade. Partnering with Airbus, this next wave of on-demand metropolitan taxi is being tests in Europe and South America, confirming that its a viable avenue [...]

Dark blue 2019 Chevy Impala rear end, closeup of name/logo, garage door in back

Chevy Wipes the Slate Clean

    Today on AutoInfluence, we explore Chevy’s decision to wipe their slate, at least partially clean… At this point, where we find ourselves edging towards 2019, few people remain unaware of Ford’s announcement, from earlier this year, confirming that they’d be phasing out their line of sedans to refine their focus on crossovers. Now…we [...]

Silver 2019 Genesis G70 in garage

Genesis G70 is the 2019 MotorTrend Car of the Year

    Today on AutoInfluence, we take a look at MotorTrends’s 2019 Car of the Year, the Genesis G70. Unbiased, it’s hard not to give Hyundai the credit that they deserve in terms of refining their image over the past three decades. For those of us old enough to remember the puzzling automotive landscape of [...]

AutoInfluence Podcast

And the Hits Keep Coming for the Chevy Silverado

    Today on AutoInfluence, we take a look at the 2019 Chevy Silverado, an offering which some are calling the greatest Silverado every made (while others might disagree vehemently). Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the redesigned and re-engineered 2019 Silverado is enjoying a widely-celebrated reception. With praise levied at its exterior design, [...]

AutoInfluence Podcast

  When it comes to the creation of attention-grabbing automotive technologies, today’s headlines usually fall into one of the three categories. First, the continuing partnership between automakers and tech giants to transition humanity into the use of autonomous vehicles. Second (and infinitely more tangible) is the recent resurgence of high-powered cars, trucks and SUVs geared [...]

AutoInfluence Podcast

The Double-Edged Sword of Toyota’s Hybrid Legacy

  It’s been just under a year since Toyota announced their intention of making half of their global sales hybrid or electric by 2030. Considering the automaker’s pedigree as a pioneer in hybrid technology, there was little surprise that they would be among the leaders in this strategy. This is especially true since Toyota’s contention [...]

AutoInfluence Podcast

Is Mark Wahlberg the New Face of Diversification?

  Today on AutoInfluence, we discuss an unexpected case of automotive cross-marketing. While there’s no shortage of actual automotive headlines in any sampling of current auto news, one of the more stand-out headlines of the past year had less to do with the cars themselves, and more to do with the dealerships that sell them. [...]

The evolution of Land Rovers autonomous vehicle program

  With autonomous driving representing the next quantum leap in automotive technologies, it’s easy to appreciate why it’s the subject of so many headlines on a daily basis. From discussion of visionary collaborations and their aggressive timelines for integration, to the more somber side of things in the form of injuries and fatalities caused by [...]

2018 Mercedes AMG

Anticipating the New Mercedes AMG 45 Series

As of late, it feels like pages are being torn out of the rule book and thrown out the window every time an automaker announces an uncharacteristic restyling, or aggressive spike in power ratings. In fact, one might argue that this sort of headline is becoming the rule rather than the exception, depicting a sense [...]

Ford Sedan Lineup

While sensibilities have certainly changed over the past quarter-of-a-century (let alone the last decade) there are a number of us who remember a time when roads, streets and highways were primarily ruled by the classic sedan. The staple of any automaker’s lineup, sedans were as appealing to executives as they were accommodating to families. A time [...]