A blue 2018 Toyota Corolla XSE is driving in front of a rock face.

Cars That Sell Quickly


Did you know the average used car sits for over 46 days? According to Auto Trader, that is how long used cars sit on lots and take up online listings. Some go faster, others take much, much longer. Perhaps you’re interested in selling your used vehicle. Wouldn’t it be nice to know it will sell quicker? Or maybe you’re interested in buying a used car. Knowing whether it will sell off the lot with a shorter turnaround time might help you pull the trigger on the used cars for sale before someone else does. Whatever the situation is that you’re in, here is everything you need to know about what used cars sell the fastest.

Toyota Corolla

There is something every single one of these vehicles has on the list: fuel efficiency. The Toyota Corolla might not have the fuel efficiency of a Prius, but it’s hard to go wrong with a used Corolla. It is the best selling vehicle in the world, and for a good reason. It’s especially affordable (a new version sells for around $19,000 to $25,000), and it has a solid fuel economy. So, if you want to save big both on the sticker price and at the pump, the Corolla is an excellent used vehicle to consider. It also sells in about 34.9 days.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of those vehicles that you can count on at your local used lot, and yet you should also count on it selling quickly. According to Auto Trader, the Honda Civic will sell in an average of 34.7 days. And if you’re just coming across it on the lot now, there is a good chance it has already been there for at least several days, which means your opportunity to buy it is running short. Thankfully, as one of the better-selling vehicles in the United States, there will probably be others for sale as well.

Volkswagen Golf R

Are you looking for a sporty hatchback? The Volkswagen Golf R is the vehicle for you. It also sells in about 34 days. It sells almost as quickly as the next vehicle on the list (the difference between the Corolla and the Chevy Volt is less than one day). The Golf R is one of the more pricey brand new vehicles on this list. However, when you buy it used, you’ll save a good chunk of change.

Chevrolet Volt

If you're looking for used cars for sale you should check out cars like this red 2019 Chevy Volt that is parked in an open lot.

Would you believe that between the big three American auto manufacturers that only landed one vehicle on this list (and only two models built in the United States makes it, with the addition of a Tesla further down on the list)? The Chevy Volt has since been discontinued as General Motors looks to push its electric vehicle manufacturing in a different direction (and if you ever want to learn about the early electric industry while getting mad at internal politics, you should check out the film “Who Killed the Electric Car.” It discusses the electric vehicle General Motors produced back in the mid-1990s called the EV1).

American owned automobile companies have typically been behind in the hybrid and electric vehicle industry. The main reason for this is gasoline is significantly less expensive in the U.S. than in most other regions. Filling up at the pump can cost double in Europe, so having a more fuel-efficient vehicle is necessary (as it needs to compete with more comprehensive versions of public transportation as well). However, according to Auto Trader, the Chevy Volt sells after about 34 days on a used car lot.

Toyota Prius

This is the first listing of the Prius on the list. Much like the other vehicles sold, the Toyota Prius comes with an exceptional fuel economy, which lets secondary buyers save big at the pump. According to Auto Trader, the standard Toyota Prius spends about 33 days on a used car lot before being sold. So, if you come across a Prius at your local used car lot, you might want to expedite the buying process. It likely won’t remain on the lot for long.

BMW i3

One thing you’ve probably noticed about this list is that basically, every single one is an electric or hybrid vehicle. It goes to show you that a major selling point is fuel efficiency. Consumers may not believe they can afford a brand new electric vehicle, such as the i3, but they have no problem going with a used version.

In case you’re wondering, the slowest-selling vehicles are generally pickups. The big reason behind this is there are simply a large number of pickups on any used lot. The Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and Chevy Silverado 1500 are the three top-selling vehicles year in and year out (and often it’s not even close). This means more vehicles are being turned over, so used truck buyers have more selection. Performance vehicles and luxury European vehicles (that are not electric), tend to sell slowly as well. The Porsche Cayenne, for example, remains on lots for an average of 67.8 days (according to Auto Trader).

Tesla Model S

A red 2015 Tesla Model S is driving on a country highway.

There are several reasons why the Tesla Model S is the second fastest-selling used vehicle you’ll find on a lot. First, there aren’t all that many of them being sold used, so when it ends up on a lot, it will generate more attention.

Next, buying new technology comes at a premium. So the original owner paid for this electric premium. Now that it is back on the market, the vehicle will sell for nowhere near as much (this is especially the case when updated generations are released). Think about buying a cell phone or laptop computer. When buying the device upon release, it is extremely expensive. If you were to wait for it to be a model old, the price drops, often by almost half. Then, should you decide to buy a used version, the price drops even further. The Tesla Model S is almost all tech, which allows it to sell in an average of 32 days.

Toyota Prius C

There’s nothing flashy about the Toyota Prius C. It’s a hybrid hatchback that, when originally bought, went for between $20,000 and $25,000. With this original MSRP, it means the used version will sell for well under $20K. And with the hybrid design, it can land 48 miles per gallon in the city. This makes it a fantastically fuel-efficient vehicle for anyone looking to cut down on how much they pay to fill up the car. According to Auto Trader, this is the fastest used car seller, selling at an average of 29.6 days.

The Fastest Moving Used Cars Around

Every vehicle on this list tends to sell quickly once on a used car lot. Thankfully as each one of the listed vehicles is fuel-efficient, it means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you’re shopping for an electric or hybrid vehicle. Of course, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a used vehicle. When shopping for a used vehicle, are you looking for something fuel-efficient? Or would you rather splurge and go for a high-end European luxury car? Let us know! Because whatever you buy used, it is almost always a bargain.