A silver 2021 used Kia Telluride is shown parked on top of a rocky hill.

But Is It Practical? The Kia Telluride

There is a lot of car literature dedicated to epic, exciting, and mind-blowing features, whether performance, technology, or style. Even for family SUVs like the Kia Telluride, a lot of the advertisements we see seem to suggest that driving will always be an exhilarating experience. The truth of the matter, though, is that most of the time we spend in the car is quite ordinary. A lot of the time, it is the seemingly mundane drives–the commute to and from work, dropping off and picking up the kids, or a quick trip to the grocery store. So, for many of us, the features we most need (and desire) are not the most epic off-roading technologies, the greatest engineering feats, or the most stylish designs. It is those practical, day-to-day features that really make a used Kia Telluride shine.

If the right practical features are sought out, we can end up with a driving experience that makes our seemingly mundane time spent in the car a nice experience, one which gives us a break from the busy schedule of our day and provides a moment of respite. When it comes to vehicles that are strong in practical features with the potential for an enhanced driving experience, Kia is the brand to turn to. One of its most practical vehicles is the American-made and increasingly-popular Telluride. Now, if you’re looking for a vehicle that prioritizes practicality, the best way to go is pre-owned, because you will get a far better deal and still obtain the features that are important to you. Well, combine these two assertions, and the conclusion is that a used Kia Telluride is a fantastic option for those seeking a high-quality vehicle with practicality at the forefront.

A silver 2021 Kia Telluride is shown from the side overlooking a desert view.

Space for Everything

When it comes to practicality, space is one of the most important factors. Do I have enough space for my kids? Do I have enough space for my belongings? Do I have enough space for my kids and my belongings? These are all questions that will arise as one discerns the necessary amount of space when purchasing a vehicle. Conversely, there are questions on the other end of the spectrum: Is this car too big? Will I be able to fit it in my garage? I’m sure you can think of plenty more. A big selling point of the Telluride is that it is a three-row SUV, but it is not a massive full-size model like the Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon; it maintains the classic Kia compactness while providing all of the benefits of a full-size SUV, making for a spacious but not overwhelming drive.

You may not guess it from looking at the exterior, but the Telluride seats eight passengers. The seating isn’t cramped, either; with a total interior volume of 178.1 cubic feet, your passengers will be quite comfortable. They will be made much more comfortable by the overall well-crafted elements of the interior, as well. You may be tempted to think that with eight seats in a vehicle of this size, there wouldn’t be much room left over for cargo. Au contraire. With a total cargo volume of 87 cubic feet, you should have ample space to pack up your belongings and those of your seven passengers. You can’t have too much interior space; never have I heard anyone complain about being too comfortable in a vehicle. You can, however, have too little interior space, as I’m sure we’ve all heard people complain about discomfort in a tight vehicle, so do not take the generous space of the Telluride lightly.

Reliable Engineering

Automotive engineering, of course, is not merely about achieving the most epic and thrilling on-or-off-road experience. Despite the depictions in vehicle advertisements and marketing literature, engineering is ultimately designed to cater to your needs over the course of a long period of time. This is one of Kia’s strong suits; as a Kia driver myself, I can personally attest to the longevity and durability of the engineering. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to purchase a new car after just a few years. Even if you’re not looking for the absolute best engineering out there, you still want to choose a vehicle with strong engineering.

But Kia doesn’t just have longevity in mind; it also has adaptability in mind. You have a variety of needs, and Telluride provides different options to cater to those needs. The Telluride is equipped with four drive modes from which the driver can choose: Smart, Eco, Sport, and Comfort. What’s more, in models with All-Wheel-Drive, drivers can select one of two additional modes: Snow and AWD Lock. These will come in quite handy during treacherous drives through unexpected snowstorms during the cold winter months.

One of the benefits of having an SUV is added cargo capacity, not just on the inside, but also through towing. The Telluride provides a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, which will certainly allow you to haul a good-sized trailer for different purposes, whether it’s a camping trailer, a boat, or anything else you may need to tow. When it comes to towing, an engineering feature that will surely be helpful is Downhill Brake Control; this feature, as you may have guessed, helps you achieve a controlled descent on steep hills. While this feature is, of course, useful even without a trailer, anyone who has ever towed before knows how nerve-wracking steep hills can be with the addition of a trailer, so this feature will surely not go unappreciated.

A silver 2021 Kia Telluride is shown from the front parked near a rocky canyon.

Convenient Technology

You may not be looking for all of the bells and whistles of a Tesla, but technology is one of the leading factors that has increased vehicle practicality. To begin with, the Telluride keeps you charged and connected through the availability of up to seven USB charging ports and even wireless charging just to make things easier for you. Once you’re all charged up, you’ll be able to access entertainment features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as available Bluetooth wireless connectivity. I’m sure you’ve seen Bluetooth in cars before, but have you seen Bluetooth that allows two phones to connect at the same time? Well, you will see exactly that in the Telluride. Now, if you are a real stickler for practicality and are focused solely on driving and not convenience, you may think that this all sounds a bit unnecessary. But, if you plan on spending any considerable amount of time in your car, you will end up being grateful for these features.

Of course, nothing is more practical than safety. Thankfully, this is where Telluride’s technology finds its greatest strength. To begin with, the Telluride hosts seven airbags and a robust build. But beyond this, the Telluride also hosts Kia Drive Wise Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). This package includes critical and dynamic safety features including Forward Collision Warning and Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Parking Distance Warning (available for both forward and reverse), Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist, and Lane Departure Warning. As confident as you may be in your driving capabilities, nobody is immune from a mishap, and these safety features will serve to decrease the probability of such a mishap significantly. The Telluride will have you driving safely.

The Practical Kia

Not every drive will be exciting. That’s alright. But you want every drive to be as harmonious, effective, and problem-free as possible. For those who place practicality over thrills, you are looking in the right place because that choice will likely be more satisfying in the long term than the fleeting satisfaction of the most epic performance capabilities. If practicality is what you’re looking for, then a used Kia Telluride will serve you well with a low pre-owned price and a practical yet enjoyable ride.