A silver 2023 Ford Edge is shown parked near a building.

Built to Make Family Travel Easier

Driving with kids can be quite a challenge. There are car seats to deal with, disagreements over which kid gets what armrest, and even fights over the music choices. Owning a car that is well suited to kids makes just about any journey a much simpler and easier one. SUVs are one of the most popular choices for families these days because they provide a good amount of interior space while having decent performance and fuel efficiency. They have better aerodynamics than most minivans and just feel sportier to drive. The 2023 Ford Edge is a great example of such an SUV. It blends family-friendly utility and driving experience in an attractive package.

The Ford Edge has room for five occupants. The interior space allows for some decent room for cargo as well. The exterior looks stylish and sleek while maintaining a powerful aesthetic. The driving experience is pleasant and feels sporty to maneuver. There are many advanced safety features on the Edge as well, giving both driver and passengers peace of mind while driving. With the Ford Edge, everything from your daily commute to carpooling with your kid’s soccer team is going to be easier.

A red 2023 Ford Edge is shown parked near a house.

Spacious Interior Design

The interior space of the Ford Edge provides more than sufficient space for many families and is designed to make traveling with your family a better experience. The cargo area offers a decent amount of space, even with the second row upright. There is 39.2 cu.ft. of space behind the second row, allowing easy storage of sports gear, groceries, and camping gear. When you put down the second row, there is significantly more room, up to 73.4 cu.ft. A family has a busy lifestyle which is greatly simplified when the car fits all the kids and anything else you need to haul around. Overall, you’ll have 113.9 cu.ft. of space for your family to use, not including your cargo space. We think that’s a pretty good deal.

A Safety First SUV

Ford knows that families value safe vehicles. Your family is the most important thing in your life, and you will do anything to keep them safe. The Ford Edge comes with some amazing safety features which make the act of driving safer both for your vehicle and the vehicles around you. They use advanced sensing technology to keep an eye on what is going on around you. One feature included is pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking. This system can alert you if you have any potential obstacles in your immediate path. While the safety of the vehicle while driving is undeniably the responsibility of the driver, having extra safety features helps to provide some extra peace of mind. Little kids and babies can be distracting while you are driving. These systems were added for just such occasions. With this modern technology, a momentary distraction may not result in a collision. The Ford safety systems are helpful in preventing such accidents.

There are also a lot of convenience features available on the Ford Edge. First, they have the Lane-Keeping system, which helps keep the Ford Edge in the middle of its lane by constantly monitoring the lane markers and determining if the vehicle is where it needs to be. If this system is enabled, it will provide minor steering assistance to keep the vehicle in the intended lane unless the turn signal is on, which will allow you to merge into another lane without fighting the Lane-Keeping system. This makes cruising down the highway a more relaxed experience.

Another feature which makes cruising down the highway easier is adaptive cruise control. The Ford Edge monitors cars in front of you when the cruise control is on and a vehicle-to-vehicle distance is set. If a car is going slower than you, it will match the speed to maintain the set distance. No longer will you have to constantly adjust your cruise speed while you are stuck in traffic.

Automatic high beams are an absolute game changer that automatically dims your bright headlights when there is an oncoming vehicle. This allows you to always leave your brights on without fearing blinding oncoming traffic. With this feature, you will no longer need to click your brights on, then off, then on again, and so on. The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) also helps prevent you from running into a car you can’t see by alerting you to vehicles in your blind spot when you are attempting to move into another lane. The BLIS also comes paired with cross-traffic alert, which notifies you when there is a vehicle approaching when you are backing out of a parking spot.

All in all, the Safety systems on the Ford Edge make driving a safer experience, which is definitely a win for you and your family. Vehicle collisions are a leading cause of injury and death, and by making their cars safer, Ford hopes to lower this number significantly.

A blue 2023 Ford Edge is shown parked on a hill.

A Sporty and Fun SUV

The Ford Edge is an eminently practical vehicle. It is designed primarily for its utility and comfort, which is most often the reason why people buy SUVs. However, Ford didn’t stop there. The Ford Edge is also a pleasure to drive. From the excellent assistance features to the responsive handling, driving around in the Ford Edge is both safe and fun.

Speaking of fun, the Ford Edge can be equipped with a B&O sound system by Bang & Olufsen with 112 speakers and a subwoofer. You’ll be able to play your own music as loud as you want while you drive home or to the office. When it’s time for picking up the kids, throw on their favorite soundtrack, and you’ll be off to soccer with happy kiddos.

The exterior size of the Ford Edge is consistent with other midsize SUVs, making it a great balance between size and easy maneuverability. This SUV has responsive handling and makes all the tasks of your day easier to achieve. Driving through traffic on your daily commute will be more enjoyable with the Ford Edge. Dropping off and picking up kids at your school will be easy as well since the Edge is small enough to get in and out of parking spots easily while maintaining enough interior space for the kids. So whatever your daily errands, bigger trips, or weekly adventures, the Ford Edge offers some great capabilities which make it a great pick.

A Perfectly Balanced SUV for the Family

The Ford Edge provides a great value as a family SUV. The five seats provide ample room for many families, and the cargo space allows for the transport of a lot of items. Regular daily tasks from commuting to the office to getting to soccer practice and daycare pickup, are simpler with the Edge. This SUV makes for a great addition to the family. Both parents and kids will love this SUV for the myriad of available features, all packed up into an attractive package. From the exterior design to the spacious interior, the Ford Edge is a great all-around SUV for families.