A white 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown off-roading after visiting a used GMC Sierra dealer.

Breathe New Life Into Your GMC Sierra With These Modifications

In a sea of vehicles that all look alike, it can be tough to stand out from the pack. Some drivers are perfectly fine owning a factory truck without any modifications; however, some of us yearn to have a little fun. Why invest so much money just to look like everyone else? Especially today, when customizing your truck is easier than ever. If you take the time to research modifications, team up with a great aftermarket supplier, or shop online for add-ons, you can customize your truck to be truly one-of-a-kind. There are countless ways to alter your truck, whether purely aesthetic or for functionality. The question is: where do I start?

If you’ve been considering modifying your existing GMC Sierra, you’ve got plenty of options. Maybe you want a unique exterior paint job or wrap to turn heads everywhere you go, or you’ve been eyeing some wheels that get your blood pumping. We certainly don’t want to leave out drivers who go the extra mile to add better off-roading equipment to their trucks, like lift kits, skid plates, aggressive tires, and more. There are always methods to breathe fresh life into your used truck. You can always start with your used GMC Sierra dealer for ideas or shop aftermarket until you find the perfect inspiration. Either way, personalizing your Sierra is well within reach.

What Does the GMC Sierra 1500 Already Include?

The GMC Sierra is a capable and powerful pickup offering plenty of exciting features off the assembly line. It serves as a hard-working job site vehicle while also tactfully handling day-to-day commutes. With trim levels ranging from base-level Pro to the ultra-luxurious Denali Ultimate, there are Sierra models from years past that have plenty of desirable features, all at a great price.

Recent and not-so-recent models offer drivers peak performance, advanced safety features, and comfortable, inviting interiors. Models from 2016 and newer include GMC’s signature LED lighting on every trim level of the Sierra. There are thin-profile LED fog lamps that compliment the projector-beam LED headlamps and a timeless grille design. Powerful V6 and V8 engine options supply you with the muscle to drive fast and work hard. Impressive horsepower and towing capacities make the Sierra perfect for a job site or weekend trip off-roading. Many recent model years feature a seamless eight-speed transmission that supports trailering capacities well over 10,000 lbs.

A red 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X is shown parked on boulders.

Exterior Modification Options

There are so many options when it comes to customizing the outside of your GMC Sierra. From lift kits to eye-catching wraps, you can stylize your pickup to do more and look great while doing it. Certain modifications can be handled by your dealership, while others require thinking outside the box. Let’s explore what interesting changes you can make to your Sierra that might leave you feeling like you have a brand-new truck.

Lift Kits

There is a large market for lift kits available for pickup drivers; the main four include a factory lift kit, body lift kit, leveling kit, and suspension lift kit. The GMC factory lift kit is available for models like the Sierra 1500 AT4 and incorporates an off-road suspension lift kit with a 2-inch lift and Rancho Monotube Shocks. It’s great for added ground clearance and tackling unconventional terrain. When it comes to lift kits, your aftermarket options are more diverse. The factory suspension lift kit and suspension lift kits, in general, are ideal for off-roading because of the additional ground clearance. It can replace your suspension and give more height to the chassis, better protecting your bumper and the components on the bottom of your truck from rocks, boulders, and uneven pavement.

Another option is a body lift kit. The body lift kit quite literally lifts your Sierra, giving you up to 33 inches for larger tires. Keep in mind that the body lift kit won’t offer more ground clearance unless you add the larger tires. This type of lift kit is common for achieving a higher vantage point and won’t affect your comfort or handling as your drive. It’s installed using a set of spacers that divides the frame of your truck from the suspension.

The last option is a leveling kit. If you use your Sierra to carry payload or want to adjust the overall look of the truck, a leveling kit simply levels out your vehicle’s stance from front to rear. A leveling kit can also enhance tire clearance at the front end. It’s installed using torsion keys, blocks, and additional leaf springs. This offers the easiest installment and is the most cost-effective of the four.

Wrapping Your Truck

If you really crave an exciting way to turn heads and express yourself, wrapping your Sierra will check every box. Repainting your vehicle is a costly and permanent decision; however, doing so opens up a broad spectrum of styles and colors that can be applied while keeping the factory paint intact. You can opt for a full wrap covering every portion of your truck or a partial wrap on part of your truck or tailgate.

The specialist who applies the wrap must first fully detail your Sierra to create a perfect surface for application. Once that cleaning is performed, they will carefully position each wrap panel and smooth out air bubbles for seamless coverage. The cool part is that you can choose any color your wrap specialist offers, including shiny, matte, or with graphics. The pricing will depend on the complexity of the installation but typically runs around $1,500 to $5,000. You can always start by shopping estimates from the reputable installers in your area.

The black interior and dash of a 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown.

Interior Options

Looking to refresh or refurbish the interior of your used GMC Sierra? There are plenty of small and big options alike. Even a detailed cleaning can make your vehicle feel like new. If you’re after increased utility, GMC has a line of accessories you can purchase directly from them. Or, you can go the aftermarket route and find unique products that will enhance your daily commutes in unexpected and fun ways.

All-Weather Floor Liners

If you want to keep your GMC Sierra in top condition, there is a wide variety of accessories to help protect your interior. GMC’s all-weather floor liners are a cost-effective and simple way to keep your truck pristine and protect your original seating and flooring from dirt, debris, and scratches. Plus, they come in different colors, including Ash Grey, Dune with Chrome, and Jet Black.

Storage Options and Bed Covers

There are consoles and storage organization units designed to wedge perfectly into your Sierra model’s existing storage cubbies and increase the organization. There are also bed covers made of sturdy materials that protect your bed and its contents in any weather, a great idea for the driver who transports many valuable goods with their truck. These bed covers are available directly from GMC and come in short and long bed variations. GMC carries UnderCover’s Standard Bed Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover with Battery Operated LED Light and the simpler Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by Advantage, just as a few examples. Add an envelope-style mesh cargo net to get even more organization for your payload.

With Just a Few Modifications, You Can Rejuvenate Your GMC Sierra in No Time

The things we’ve covered here are the tip of the iceberg of modifications you can make to your truck. Lift kits can improve your Sierra’s capability, give it a more aggressive stance, and help you see more of the road ahead. You can also paint, repaint, or wrap your pickup in a way that feels inspired by your unique style. Even a new set of wheels will completely change your truck’s appearance. Just because you’re not replacing the whole vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re driving something brand-new. Small changes to the outside, inside, or both will have you feeling a whole new appreciation for a vehicle you can keep enjoying for years and miles to come.