A red 2021 Chevy Blazer is shown from the side parked in front of a white wall after winning a 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Honda Passport comparison.

Battle Of Style: 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Honda Passport

Crossover SUVs are a fascinating market trend. They get more features each new year, they have some of the most unique powertrain configurations, and they seem to be evolving at a rapid pace. When you think about comparing SUVs, it’s not uncommon to think about performance, capacity, or fuel economy. But what about style? And how exactly do you quantify that? Well, in a comparison of the 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Honda Passport, we look at a number of different stylistic elements that separate the two.

What is it about the style of the SUVs that people find so attractive? Is it the size, the shape of the frame? The pillars that shape the cabin? Maybe it’s the fascia? Perhaps the color options and liveries for the exterior and interior that help lure in the enthusiasts? However the style is calculated and measured, it’s important we at least cover how the 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Honda Passport rank against each other in the style department.

2021 Blazer vs 2021 Passport: Form Factor

Both the Blazer and Passport take vastly different approaches to form. You could make an argument that one is more style over substance, or the other is more about functionality over finesse. Nevertheless, it’s quite apparent that there is a very distinct difference in how both midsize SUVs approach their form factor, which in turn affects the interior space, or rather how that space is utilized.

The Blazer stands out quite notably with its hard edges and sharp lines on its 112.7-inch wheelbase. It really does look like it comes from one of those movies filled with “futuristic” vehicles that look like space-age transports. Whether or not you like this kind of approach to the form factor depends on what you like in a vehicle. The B and C-pillars, in particular, stand out with the high-angle finish, and the rear doors are positioned halfway over the fenders. Even though there are a lot of curves and lines indented and protruding out of the Blazer’s frame, they’re still all fluidly connected and symmetrical. There’s nothing jarring or off-putting, but instead, there’s a strong aerodynamic appeal to the body-styling, certainly making the 2021 Blazer look sportier than some dedicated sports cars on the market.

The Passport, meanwhile, has a far more traditional form factor. It encompasses somewhat of a minivan-esque structure for everything past the A-pillar. Unlike the Blazer, the Passport lacks the sharp angles and aggressive edges found on Chevy’s midsize SUV. In many ways, the Passport features a form factor that could best be described as… safe. There’s nothing wrong with its quiet curves and subtle looks, but it’s entirely functional and lacks any bells or whistles to add to its visual distinction.

A 2021 Honda Passport AWD Elite is shown from the front driving through a desert.

2021 Blazer vs 2021 Passport: Interior Style

The body-styling of the exterior leads us to the topic of the interior. As many of you know, what you see on the outside can directly affect what you get on the inside. The Passport’s generic exterior lends itself well to offering more volume than the Blazer when it comes to interior capacity, even though both SUVs seat up to five people. But then there’s the trade-off with the Blazer coming with more high-end interior features. So when you think about style, it’s not just how the exterior affects the interior space, but also what features you have access to in the interior.

For instance, the Blazer comes with a 120-volt power outlet, as opposed to the Passport’s 115-volt power outlet. The Blazer also features two displays, including an 8-inch diagonal driver information center and an 8-inch HD color touchscreen. With the Passport, you only have access to a single 8-inch electrostatic touchscreen. So interior infotainment, connectivity, and convenience features heavily favor the Blazer since you just get more, especially the further up the trim line you go.

There are also a lot more style packages available for the Blazer, including premium cloth upholstery or perforated leather-appointed seating. Special two-tone interior color schemes such as the Jet Black and Maple Sugar options for the leather upholstery adds to the interior luxury of Chevy’s midsize SUV. Unfortunately, the most you get with the Passport is a leather steering wheel and basic black upholstery, which is far removed from some of the Blazer’s fancier interior options.

2021 Blazer vs 2021 Passport: Color Options

Liveries and color options don’t always get talked about as much as performance, handling, and capacity, but when you’re discussing the styles of two competing SUVs, you can guarantee that colors are quite important. The Passport and Blazer both have a fine selection of colors, but much like how the exterior of the Passport is designed more for utility than style, the color options are more perfunctory than anything. Don’t expect anything exciting on the color front from the 2021 Honda Passport.

Honda’s midsize SUV comes with seven color options, to be exact. Each color gives the Passport a little bit of flair. There’s nothing particularly regal or stunning about the color options, but they get the job done. Functional is the best way to describe them. These include:

  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Platinum White Pearl
  • Deep Scarlet Pearl
  • Black Copper Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl

The Blazer, meanwhile, runs the gamut of color options, ranging from passe to exotic. The 2021 model had four new colors added to the lineup for a total of 11 different color options. Some of these are truly eye-catching colors, which really bolsters the appeal of the Blazer’s look. You can customize your Blazer with any of the following:

  • Cherry Red Tintcoat
  • Silver Ice Metallic
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Pewter Metallic
  • Iron Grey Metallic
  • Cayenne Orange Metallic
  • Bright Blue Metallic
  • Iridescent Pearl Tricoat
  • Red Hot
  • Black
  • Summit White

A red 2021 Chevy Blazer RS is shown from the back driving in a tunnel.

2021 Blazer vs 2021 Passport: Fascia & Wheels

The fascia is obviously part of a vehicle’s exterior features, but in this particular case, a separate section is absolutely needed to address the differences in how both vehicles gain their distinctive looks. The fascia is an important part of how a vehicle is presented to the public; it’s usually what they notice most about a vehicle from the outset. For the Passport, the fascia consists of many of the same kind of reserved lines and soft curves that are present throughout the rest of the vehicle’s body. A conventional hood leads into less conventional headlights that connect to a grille with a chain-link look and a bold Honda emblem resting in the center. Fog lights sit at the lower end of the fascia just on the outside of a bumper that protrudes out just far enough to reinforce the idea that it’s there to safeguard the front end from taking the brunt of a light bump.

The 2021 Blazer seems to be in an entirely different league with its fascia. The bumper seems designed more for looks than functionality, as it bleeds into the lower trim of the wheel fenders and then smoothly connects to the side skirts. The two-tone livery design for the lower half of the vehicle versus the upper half helps distinguish the look of the Blazer and highlights the more striking color offerings. What’s unique about the fascia of the Blazer, however, is that a large portion of the front consists of the grate-like grille, with Chevy’s iconic bowtie badge sitting up close to the hood. Some absolutely vicious-looking angular LED lights help give the Blazer that menacing futuristic look, coupled with the jet stream-housing for the daytime running lights.

There are slight differences in the fascia for the Blazer depending on the trim, as well. You can also further customize the Blazer’s grille with additional packages. The same applies for the wheels, too. You can upgrade to aluminum, chrome, or gloss 18-inch, 20-inch, or 21-inch wheels. Sadly these kinds of exterior amenities aren’t available for the Passport, so what you see is what you get.

A Matter Of Taste…

Obviously, from a style point of view, you get a lot more to work with from the perspective of the Blazer. Whether it’s colors and body-styling options, interior customization, or alternative wheel styles, there’s a lot to choose from. It should go without saying that the 2021 Chevy Blazer definitely wins in style points versus the 2021 Honda Passport, especially when it comes to variety.