A red 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown driving on a road after winning a 2023 Nissan Rogue vs 2023 VW Tiguan comparison.

Attack Of The Apps: MyNissan App vs. Volkswagen Car-Net

In this day and age, the technology that comes equipped on a vehicle makes a big difference. We live in a technologically advanced era that relies on staying connected. Whether we need access to our work schedules, to stay on top of school due dates, check in on our kids, or plan a girls night out, staying connected to our devices, our vehicles, and our lives is important. Since our vehicle is often the central hub of our lives, vehicle manufacturers often equip their vehicles with unique applications that make connecting multiple services easy. Of course, some apps will most likely be better than others. Take, for instance, the 2023 Nissan Rogue vs 2023 VW Tiguan and their associated apps.

The 2023 Nissan Rogue is equipped with the MyNissan App. This works with Nissan Connect, a subscription service that entitles the subscriber to access to many nifty features. On the flip side, the 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is equipped with myVW, their own application that works with their subscription service, Volkswagen Car-Net. Both apps offer similar features, along with benefits unique to that brand. Is one app better than the other?

MyNissan App With NissanConnect

MyNissan App is a free app which can be downloaded to any compatible smart device. From MyNissan App, Nissan owners can manage any Nissan vehicle they own through a series of helpful tools. Owners can biew the service history of a particular Nissan vehicle, check for any open recalls on the vehicle, schedule service with your local dealership, gain access to Nissan Roadside Assistance, and view a digital owner’s manual that makes finding information about your vehicle a breeze.

NissanConnect can be used with the MyNissan App, and is built into many of the newer existing Nissan vehicles such as the 2023 Nissan Rogue, which has a NissanConnect color touchscreen built into each trim level. NissanConnect has several levels of services, including the free standard smartphone integration version that comes standard on all trim levels. This includes Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth streaming audio, AM/FM radio, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Another feature that is included is Voice Recognition, which lets you use voice commands to look at maps, send texts via your connected smartphone, access contacts, and make phone calls.

Another feature that can be accessed with NissanConnect is SiriusXM, and all Rogue trims come with a three-month trial subscription. Another SiriusXM feature is Traffic and Travel Link, which is included as a three-month trial on the Platinum trim levels. SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link provides real-time updates on traffic and weather conditions, gas prices, and more.
Many of the Rogue’s trim levels are equipped with an In-Vehicle NissanConnect Wi-Fi Hotspot, and comes with a trial subscription that is good for either 30 days or 1GB of service. Up to seven compatible devices can be connected at one time, making it easy for everyone in the vehicle to stream, connect to mobile apps, and more. Once the trial version is up, Nissan customers have the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

Additional NissanConnect Services include the Security Package and the Convenience Package. Both of these are considered premium packages, and are included as a six-month trial subscription on many of the Rogue’s trim options. The Security Package enables your vehicle to send alerts to the MyNissan App if specific parameters are violated, such as speed limits and curfews that are placed on the vehicle and anyone driving. This feature also allows for emergency calls to be placed, connects the vehicle to roadside assistance, can locate your vehicle if it is stolen, and so much more.

The Convenience Package allows for remote engine start and remote activation of the horn and lights. Other features include Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation and live support in the form of Nissan Concierge. The Concierge service connects you to Nissan employees who can book dining reservations, secure tickets to select entertainment, and more. Once the trial subscription has ended, both packages can be renewed for a monthly service charge.

Many of the 2023 Nissan Rogue trims also come with five-years of the NissanConnect Select Package, which includes an assortment of features to optimize your driving experience. Remote door lock and unlock, Vehicle Health Report notifications, and Scheduled Maintenance Notifications are just some of the helpful tools you can expect. The Select Package features even work with Amazon Alexa and Google devices, so you can access your vehicle even when you don’t have your smart device handy.

The Platinum trim of the Nissan Rogue also comes with five-years of the Plus Package, which features TomTom Weather, MapCare, and Premium Traffic, which updates vehicle navigation based on real-time traffic conditions. MapCare automatically updates your in-vehicle maps on a set schedule to keep up with road changes. TomTom Weather provides up-to-date weather alerts for your route with hourly and daily forecasts. All these features better prepare you for your trip, keeping you safer and better equipped for whatever awaits.

A blue 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown driving on a street near city stores.

myVW With Car-Net

Much like Nissan’s app, the myVW app is free to download to compatible smart devices, and allows Volkswagen owners access to a suite of tools designed to enhance their overall experience. Through the app, VW owners can schedule service, receive service reminders, and get roadside assistance in an emergency. The myVW app also connects to specific features of Car-Net, which extends the abilities of myVW and of the 2023 VW Tiguan by increasing the available tools and features.

Remote Access is one feature available through Car-Net, and is available as a five-year free subscription when activated. Remote Access allows you to remotely unlock and lock the doors, start your engine, and engage the horn and lights, all through the app on compatible trims. Additional features include monthly vehicle health reports, custom boundary and curfew alerts, and a dealer locator. Paid subscriptions can also be added through Car-Net, including features like Wi-Fi Hotspot capabilities, which require a monthly paid subscription. There are no trial subscriptions, but once activated, up to four compatible devices can access the hotspot at one time.

Safe and Secure is another package that can be added with a yearly subscription. This package includes multiple safety features like Automatic Crash Notification, which alerts a Volkswagen alert center if the airbags deploy so that you can request help if needed. Help can also be accessed through the use of an SOS button inside your vehicle. Pressing this button signals to a VW specialist that you need help, and they can send someone to your vehicle’s location.

Other features include Anti-Theft Alerts, Information Assistance, and a Stolen Vehicle Locator. The Anti-Theft Alert sends notification to your app on your phone if a break-in is attempted on your vehicle. The Stolen Vehicle Locator puts authorities and VW in contact in an attempt to locate your vehicle if it is ever stolen.

Additional upgrades can be purchased for either monthly or yearly subscription fees. These upgrades include Plus Online Radio, Plus Speech, Plus Nav, Plus Premium with Nav, and Plus Premium. Plus Speech enables in-vehicle voice controls, which can also be added through Plus Premium, which bundles both Plus Speech and Plus Online Radio. Similarly, Plus Premium with Nav bundles Plus Speech, Plus Online Radio and Plus Nav.

Even without Car-Net, the Tiguan can still access select features. All trims come with App-Connect, which allows for integration of compatible smart devices through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some trims offer hardwired access with the addition of Bluetooth music streaming, while other trims offer hardwired connections or wireless connection to these App-Connect features. All trims also offer a SiriusXM three-month trial subscription.

Which Vehicle Keeps You Better Connected?

Off the bat, Nissan’s Built-In NissanConnect and Volkswagen’s App-Connect are pretty much the same. Both offer integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow pairing of compatible devices to your vehicle. However, despite the Tiguan offering wireless options of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on more of their trims than the Rogue does, the Tiguan is only equipped with Bluetooth streaming audio on one trim, while the Rogue offers it on all of its trims. The Rogue also comes standard with Bluetooth Hands-Free, which is not available on the Tiguan. The Rogue also has standard Voice Recognition, which requires an additional paid subscription on the Tiguan.

Many of the paid subscriptions that can be found on both vehicles are offered as a trial subscription on the Nissan Rogue, while the Tiguan does not offer any trials of their subscription plans. Though this is more of a comment on the vehicles themselves rather than the apps, it does tip the scales in favor of the Nissan Rogue by allowing drivers a chance to try out the different subscription services before choosing to pay for them.

Having the opportunity to try the subscriptions first can make a huge difference, especially when you consider the cost. The Nissan Rogue offers their Security Package for $8 a month, whereas the cost of Volkswagen’s Safe and Secure Package, which has nearly identical features, comes out to almost double that unless you pay for several years in advance. The only way their security package is offered is by the year, which means paying for the service in advance without knowing if it is worth it.

Select subscriptions offer more when it comes to Nissan as opposed to Volkswagen, even after the trial subscription has ended. One example is the hotspot subscription. Volkswagen’s hotspot can only accommodate four devices simultaneously, while Nissan’s can accommodate up to seven. Despite having many similarities, one vehicle and one app seem to be superior to the others.

The black interior and dash of a 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown.

And the App-Ward Goes To…

Whether we consider the vehicles, the apps, or both, there seems to be one clear winner here. Despite Nissan and Volkswagen sharing many similarities between their apps and their vehicle’s built-in features, the Nissan Rogue and its associated apps offer more for less cost than the Volkswagen Tiguan and its apps. Staying connected has never been easier than it is today, but it is even easier when using MyNissan App with NissanConnect, as found in the 2023 Nissan Rogue.