A silver 2022 Buick Envision is shown parked on a lake shore.

Are Aftermarket Accessories Worth It for the 2022 Buick Envision?

Aftermarket tuning is an extremely popular pastime for those who typically buy sports cars, performance sedans, and off-road vehicles. There has been a long and continued history of car enthusiasts dabbling in aftermarket tuning and upgrades for production vehicles. But did you know that SUVs are regularly subject to aftermarket tuning as well? Yep. And I’m not just talking about the Wrangler, which is notorious for all sorts of post-purchase modifications. Believe it or not, even more executive and luxury-oriented crossovers like the 2022 Buick Envision can be subject to the addition of a few aftermarket accessories. Yep, there are even some unique upgrades available for the SUV too.

I know, it might seem odd that someone would even want to tamper with something like the Buick Envision, especially with the Avenir trim floating around. Who wants to spoil perfection, am I right? Well, some people can’t help but fine-tune and tweak their vehicles, but the question is… is it worth it? That’s something we tackle today with the 2022 Buick Envision.

What Sort of Accessories Are Even Available for the 2022 Buick Envision?

Before you get shop-happy about what you can possibly do to your 2022 Buick Envision when it comes to aftermarket upgrades, keep in mind that most of the official accessories and aftermarket parts are fairly basic–at least the ones you should be considering. You won’t find any towering rear spoilers or aero kits for a family SUV. You can also forget about any kind of mega-lift kits or aerodynamic hood scoops… not on the official accessory sites, anyway.

However, there are a lot of really basic upgrades you can scope out for the Envision. Specialized floor liners, window deflectors, and hitch receivers are rather common aftermarket parts that everyday drivers seek out. Car covers, dashboard covers, and even various air filters and brake kits are also available. I know that probably doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but most of the aftermarket kits and accessories in this segment are designed for utilitarian purposes.

For instance, you can buy OEM Buick front and rear splash guards for the wheels, as well as various types of cargo organizers, safety nets, seat covers, and even a highway safety kit or a rear bike mount. Some of these optional Buick accessories even come included with higher-tier trims, like the Avenir. Alternatively, if you order directly from the dealer, you can sometimes have these accessories included with the purchase. However, most dealers will let you purchase factory accessories separately through their website to add to the car after delivery.

A close up shows a roof mounted cargo box.

Essential Kits for the Outdoor Explorer

If you regularly take vacations in your Envision or plan to take vacations in your Envision, maybe up to a nearby mountain biking trail, or out of state to various hiking or camping locations, then a few of the available accessories might become essential. For instance, an emergency kit stocked with first aid supplies and some basic tools is a must-buy for anyone who plans on venturing into backwoods or high-altitude areas where there isn’t a lot of frequent traffic.

The aforementioned bike rack would also be well worth the purchase if you frequently go mountain biking or trail riding. If you’re into boating or fishing, then a trailer hitch receiver will let you tow a small boat to a local lake or river. For a small canoe or kayak, you can actually purchase roof-mounted carriers. If you do paddle-boarding you can go with a paddle-board carrier, or you can get a high-mounted tram equipped for skis and snowboards. Again, if you’re the outdoors type, then it seems like those accessories might be well worth the purchase.

If you already have an Envision or plan on getting one used, the ability to purchase aftermarket equipment is a welcome one. If you wanted an Envision for the adventure aspects, then the official OEM accessories make it easy to personalize your Buick, but the unofficial aftermarket offers even more options. However, there is a reason why some of those aftermarket accessories aren’t official – while many of them are solid purchases, you can find yourself going too far if you don’t think through your purchases.

Fancy Aftermarket Upgrades

Performance and race-inspired upgrades are one of the areas to avoid with the Envision. Perhaps you want a custom-fitted steering wheel, something performance-oriented? Well, those are definitely available. You can actually outfit the Envision with a variety of steering wheels from Sparco, Grant, Momo, and OMP, to name a few – but just because it is possible doesn’t make it a good idea.

You might want to feel like you’re at Nurburgring, gripping the wheel tight during hairpin turns and speedy straightaways, but trying to re-enact those dream moments while you’re picking the kids up from school or running errands in stop and go traffic within the city isn’t the best choice. Especially since those race-inspired steering wheels generally don’t include airbags, and you aren’t wearing a six-point harness (we hope – fabricating a roll cage for your Envision is definitely crossing the line).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fancy aftermarket add-ons that you can opt for. You can also trick out the Envision with universal chrome moldings–Carrichs makes some that you can apply to the side of the vehicle to help make it stand out among the crowd. SAA also makes some polished pillar posts if you want the door pillars to look nice and shiny every time you drive under the glare of the sun.

You can also outfit the Envision with a number of other neat interior upgrades as well. While screwing aluminum or carbon fiber covers to your pedals might be only slightly better than the aforementioned racing steering wheels, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade the interior. There are also some custom dashboard kits available from other companies such as Carhatt and DashMat if you really want to spruce up the interior of the 2022 Buick Envision. The available dash kits range from suede to poly-carpet and a few other options in between. These might not be for everyone, but they’re well worth it if you really want to make your Envision look different from what everyone else is driving.

A close up shows a lightbar.

Off-Road Upgrades

The 2022 Buick Envision does feature all-wheel drive, which makes it somewhat capable of light off-road travel. Some of the aftermarket upgrades available from participating retail outlets can help improve the Envision’s off-road capabilities even more. Most of the off-road accessories center around utilitarian gear, which is perfect for any intrepid adventurer. That does not include stuff like heavy-duty winches and RIGID lightbars – leave those for the Wrangler drivers going Bigfoot hunting.

However, a good set of wheels and tires is a universal upgrade for any vehicle, and there are a variety of all-terrain tires designed to fit the 2022 Buick Envision. Even if the Envision may not be designed for rock crawling or steep hill climbs, you can still handle dirt paths and muddy trails with options such as the BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain T/A. While you might have to shop around, there are off-road tires that are specifically designed to fit smaller SUVs like the Envision.

Talk With The Dealer Before Overhauling The Envision

Like any vehicle you purchase from a lot, if it’s brand new or certified pre-owned and comes with a bunch of warranties, don’t go replacing any major parts right away. Definitely talk with your dealer first. Some upgrades and aftermarket accessories are completely benign, like floor mats and seat covers, but if you actually have to replace or remove any parts, you want to make sure you’re not voiding your warranty. Now, granted, if you buy used and it’s not certified pre-owned or new, then you don’t need to worry about what you put on it or change in it. If it does have warranties attached, though, you’re going to want to tread carefully. Otherwise, have fun tricking out your 2022 Buick Envision.