A dark gray 2017 Certified pre-owned Acura MDX travels city streets

An Acura Certified, Preowned Vehicle – The Ultimate No-Brainer

The world of searching for and purchasing used vehicles has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.  It used to be that buying a used car was a nerve-wracking experience that involved high-pressure sales tactics and a leap of blind faith that the vehicle wouldn’t turn out to be a lemon.  Fortunately, those times are in the past for those who choose to be more discerning.  Most automobile manufacturers now offer some sort of reassurance that their preowned inventory is a worthwhile investment.   Acura is one of those companies, and those searching for an Acura certified pre-owned vehicle can rest assured that their choice has been put through the wringer before ever finding its place on the lot.

What is it that makes purchasing an Acura certified pre-owned vehicle so worry-free?  It’s all of the testing and diligence that’s done before you ever take that test drive.  Below is an overview of what every Acura certified pre-owned model must go through before you even get behind the wheel for the first time.

Technician Certified

Every Acura certified pre-owned model must pass through an exhaustive inspection by Acura technicians who are also certified.  Specifically, these vehicles go through a 182-point inspection that literally spans from bumper to bumper.  Every part in the engine is checked along with every component of the exhaust system, every bell and whistle, every seatbelt, airbag and anything else you could ever imagine.  If the technicians find any problem that cannot be reasonably and easily corrected, the vehicle will not earn certification and will not be sold under the Acura certified, preowned program.  Finally, every vehicle must pass a meticulous review of its CARFAX history report in order to minimize the chance that any surprises arise down the road.


In years past, there was no such thing as a warranty on a used car, truck or SUV.  With the advent of these certification programs came the idea that the backing of a warranty would make a big difference in the mindsets of would-be purchasers.  Acura offers a full warranty for the first 12 months or 12,000 miles after driving off the lot.  That means that the company will repair and/or replace any part that’s deemed to be defective due to its makeup or because of workmanship free of charge.  There is no deductible, either, so the buyer literally faces no cash outlay if something does go wrong during the warranty period on covered parts.  You can also extend the powertrain warranty to seven years or 100,000 miles.

Low Mileage

It’s obvious that the more miles someone puts on a car, the more wear and tear it’s going to face and the closer that car, truck or SUV comes to the end of its useful life.  In order for an Acura certified pre-owned model to make the cut, it cannot have any more than 80,000 miles on the odometer.  That should leave a lot of years left for a new driver of one of these models provided the vehicle is cared for and maintained properly.

Roadside Assistance

Despite every amount of diligence that goes into evaluating a car, truck or SUV for the Acura certified pre-owned program and every ounce of care that an owner puts into his or her vehicle, there could come times when things go wrong for one reason or another.  Acura offers a Roadside Assistance program for those unforeseen circumstances.  The program covers the following problems that can arise:

  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Battery jump-start
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Flat tire help
  • Emergency towing to the nearest qualified repair facility

That peace of mind goes a long way when driving a pre-owned vehicle, as you know you’ll have help available when random events occur.

Under Six Years Old

Adding miles to an odometer is one way to age a vehicle, but the passing of time is another.  Have you gotten into or even driven a car that was at least 10 years old recently?  It’s remarkable how quickly things can change with regards to standard offerings and options that make driving safer and easier.  That’s why every vehicle that earns its Acura certified pre-owned status is under six years old.  If it doesn’t meet that requirement, it’s a non-starter, and the vehicle will not be certified.

Concierge Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of assistant available to you in case you forget something, need information quickly or for some reason you have to file an insurance claim?  It would certainly reduce the stress of those situations and all but eliminate the worry involved with those possibilities if a driver knew ahead of time that he or she was protected.  Acura’s Concierge Service offers that type of protection.  This program will allow you to have urgent messages relayed instantly, to have personal items shipped, to file insurance claims with help and even to obtain immediate weather information.  It’s one of those “little things” that are part of the Acura certified pre-owned program that makes all the difference to an owner.

Acura Care®

The Acura certified pre-owned program is renowned for many reasons, and one of them is that the manufacturer even offers some crossover benefits with its new vehicles.  One of those is the Acura Care® program, which covers expensive repairs if you follow the Acura maintenance plan and recommendations.  Specific forms of protection include:

Drivetrain: Engine, Transmission, Differential, and Axles

Electronics: Computers, Electronic Components, and Electrical System

Chassis: Suspension, Steering and Brake Systems

Heating/Cooling: Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling Systems

Acura Genuine Accessories: Audio and Communication Devices and Accessories, Navigational and Security Systems

You can purchase the Acura Care® plan with zero-percent interest in some cases, and this is yet another way that you can rest easy that you’re making a good investment when you go with an Acura certified pre-owned vehicle.

Positive Reviews

The Acura certified pre-owned program has earned positive reviews from independent companies that work within the automotive field.  AutoTrader.com provided a review of the program recently, and the writers stated that they “think highly” of the protections that it offers its drivers.  Generally speaking, Acura’s offering provides for a high level of benefits to those who choose to go this route for their transportation needs.

A certified pre-owned Acura ILX on a country road surrounded by farms

Acura Certified, Preowned Vehicles – A Good Choice

If you’ve gleaned from reading this that we have a positive opinion of the Acura certified pre-owned program, you are correct.  We think that every used vehicle should come with some form of protection, and in many ways, Acura goes above and beyond what a consumer would normally expect when purchasing a vehicle that has already been driven by someone else.

This positive opinion also includes the fact that we’re talking about Acura vehicles.  Acura is part of the Honda family, and anyone who knows anything about cars, trucks or SUVs understands that Honda is known around the world as a brand of automobile that just keeps on driving until you are the one who decides – probably years after purchase – that it’s time to look at something else.  Dependability, style and multiple layers of protection – that’s what you get when you purchase an Acura certified pre-owned vehicle.