A popular Nissan Rogue for sale, a red 2023 Nissan Rogue, is shown driving on a city street.

All of the Things You Can Do With the Nissan Rogue Divide-N-Hide System

For many busy individuals today, a regular old trunk just won’t cut it. You never know what sorts of items you need to keep in the rear of your vehicle. Your belongings might range in size, value, fragility, and more, so you need a cargo area that can adjust to your changing storage needs. The Nissan Rogue has caught the attention of drivers with ever-changing cargo needs because it has a special feature exclusive to the model called the Divide-N-Hide System. If you are currently shopping for a Nissan Rogue for sale, you’ll want to ask the salesperson to demonstrate all that this cool and convenient feature can do.

At its core, the Divide-N-Hide System is simple. It’s just two dividers that lie flat along the trunk floor, each with its own handle. However, once you start exploring all of the ways you can use these dividers, you’ll see that they can easily solve a lot of problems you commonly run into when trying to securely store your belongings. In fact, the Divide-N-Hide System can be set to six different configurations. In order to fully utilize it, you’ll want to fold down the rear seats, which is easy to do thanks to a simple rear folding lever. Once you’ve done that, here are all of the ways you can get the most out of the Nissan Rogue Divide-N-Hide System.

A dog is shown in the cargo space of a blue 2023 Nissan Rogue.


Create More Space for Fido

If you have a large pet or multiple pets that you enjoy bringing along for adventures, but you want to give them more space to relax in the cargo area, you can easily do so. In some cars, drivers simply fold down the rear seats to do this. However, if you can’t rely on your furry friends to stay in the back rather than trying to crawl on your lap while you’re driving, try this: grab the handle of the second divider (the one furthest from the trunk door) and lift it up so it creates a 90-degree angle with the cargo floor. This will create a convenient shield between your four-legged friend and the rest of the cabin while still giving him plenty of room to spread out. This configuration can be handy for pet owners who don’t want to have to pack an animal’s crate for the drive, as the divider, along with the walls of the cargo area, create a crate-like environment to keep Fido comfortable and safe.

Conceal Valuables

Whether you’re holiday shopping, hitting Black Friday sales, or transporting valuable equipment for work, having expensive belongings exposed in your trunk can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have to park and leave your vehicle unsupervised. One way to cover up these valuables is to lift the second divider (the one furthest from the trunk door) up into “shelf” mode. Then, grab the handle of the first divider and lift it up to create a wall. Now, the upper divider in shelf mode has created a top cover, and the first one has created a wall. Together, the two dividers create a totally enclosed area for you to store your belongings. Anyone looking into the window would not be able to identify what was enclosed in this configuration. There will still be a small area in front of the wall you’ve created to put a few things, like non-valuable decoy items, that make onlookers believe you have little more than some tennis shoes and dog toys in your trunk.

Create Shelves

It can be frustrating when a trunk has a tall cargo area, but in order to fully utilize it, you have to stack items on top of each other, potentially crushing the things on the bottom. With the Divide-N-Hide System, you can lift up that second divider into shelf mode, so now you have two levels of surfaces to store your items. If you’re transporting fragile items that need separation, this is very useful.

You can also store road trip essentials you need to reach during a trip on this top shelf. That makes it easy for rear-seat passengers to reach back and grab whatever they need off the top shelf because it’s basically level with their headrests. This is much more convenient (and safe) than rear passengers having to turn all the way around and bend over the back seat to reach items from the trunk when the vehicle is moving.

Utilizing the shelf setup also gives you easy access to all of your things without having to take items out of the cargo area to reach other items. Gone are the days of tossing all of your belongings into a big pile.

The cargo space is shown in a tan 2023 Nissan Rogue.


Keep Fido From the Trunk

There might be times when you’re transporting food in your trunk and your pet(s) in the rear seat. You know how curious animals can be about anything edible in the vehicle. Using the shelf feature of the second divider will also prevent pets from diving from the back seat into the trunk to attempt to steal snacks.

Secure a Cooler Right Where You Need It

The dividers can also be lowered, which creates some unique storage possibilities. If you’re just bringing one passenger along for a road trip, you and your co-pilot can keep snacks and refreshments easily accessible. Put down the rear seats and then lower the second divider. Then, flip up the first one. Now, you can place your cooler on that lower divider, and the configuration will keep it from sliding around, potentially spilling ice and fluids all over your trunk.

Make Room for Taller Items

If you want to keep things simple and just need a huge, open area to store some taller things, just put down those rear seats and set the dividers to their lowest setting. You’ll earn a little more storage height this way for times when you need to take tall items with you.

A silver 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown parked near a city.

Enjoy Your Cargo Area, Your Way

You never know what the day might bring. A friend could invite you on a bike ride, and suddenly, you’re tossing your bicycle in the trunk. Maybe there’s a sale at an electronics store you simply cannot resist. Or, perhaps your dogs are just giving you those eyes that say, “Please take us with you today!” and you can’t turn them down. When abnormal storage needs come up, a standard trunk just won’t do. Nissan gets that, and it’s why they created the multifunctional Divide-N-Hide System.

This system empowers you to secure, hide, separate, and store your belongings your way. It can be configured for so many different purposes. Plus, you only need one free hand to lift the handle of either divider, so you can even arrange your trunk area when one hand is full. With the rear seats down in the Rogue, there is a lot of space to use, and the Divide-N-Hide System gives you lots of ways to take advantage of it.

Once you have used this system, you’ll never want to return to a boring old traditional trunk again. It just won’t keep up with your needs the way the Divide-N-Hide System does. These are just some of the ways to use the Divide-N-Hide System, but you’re going to enjoy discovering more.