A yellow 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally is shown driving.

All-Electric Power Gets Down and Dirty With the Mustang Mach-E Rally

When Ford first released the Mustang Mach-E, many fans of the original pony car were skeptical (to say the least) that an all-electric SUV could be a vehicle worthy of falling under the iconic Mustang nameplate. While feelings about the performance of the electric vehicle (EV) are still far from universal, there are plenty of enthusiasts who have been won over by the Mach-E’s impressive power and near-instant torque, allowing some trims to go from zero to sixty in as little as 3.7 seconds. Entering its fourth model year, the 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E is looking to win over even more racing fans by including an all-new Rally-inspired trim in the lineup.

The Mustang Mach-E Rally isn’t just quick; it’s also packed with equipment that lets drivers head off the pavement and play in the dirt. Does this EV really deserve a nameplate that evokes one of the most exciting motorsports in the world, or is it just a stunt meant to win over car lovers? Let’s dig into the details and see if the Mach-E Rally lives up to its name or not.

Performance and Range

Two electric motors power this trim, and together, they’re targeting 480 hp and at least 650 lb-ft of torque. Those are high figures for any vehicle, electric or not, and they’re sure to come in handy for drivers trying to get their thrills on uneven terrain. EVs generally are better at providing torque at low speeds, and the Mach-E is no exception, so you don’t have to be a real racer to take advantage of the motors’ ability to deliver plenty of force. While that doesn’t necessarily mean the Mach-E Rally is ready to crawl over boulders with the Jeeps, it’s still a handy feature to have in your back pocket.

If you’re going to be heading away from paved roads, that also means leaving the network of charging stations behind. So, the Mach-E Rally needs a solid range in order to be able to practically head into the rural areas it was designed to tackle. Ford says that its targeted EPA-estimated range is 250 miles, which is plenty of distance for a fun getaway.

When you’re off the beaten pavement, you need to be ready for obstacles to get in your way and try to spoil your fun. To help glide over roots and rocks, the Rally has a 20mm raised suspension compared to the Mustang Mach-E GT. It also comes equipped with specialty-tuned springs and Magneride shocks, so it can handle bumps in the road and deliver a smooth ride. If you suddenly come across something too big to drive over and need to come to a quick stop, you can rely on the 385mm front brake rotors that feature red-painted Brembo-branded calipers for improved capability and a touch of added style.

Rugged Exterior Features

You don’t have to know much about rally racing to know that when drivers say, “Eat my dust,” they mean it literally. You kick up plenty of dirt and gravel when you ditch the pavement, and that means your vehicle has to be ready to deal with all of it. Underside shielding protects both of the Mach-E Rally’s motors so they can keep on running when the going gets tough. There’s also a protective film on the door cladding and fender arches, which reduces the less important but still very real problem of chipping paint. If you get over-excited in your Mach-E Rally and get stuck in a ditch somewhere, there’s no need to panic. There’s a dedicated recovery point built into the front end of the EV, so it doesn’t have to stay stuck for long. To keep the front face looking sharp, the recovery point has a body-colored cover to help it blend in.

Rally Racing Style

Ford wants to make it clear that this trim is inspired by racing, so it’s making plenty of sporty styling touches standard on the Rally. That includes two racing stripes that contrast the brighter paint colors available, all featuring attention-grabbing names like Eruption Green, Grabber Yellow, and Star White. The double stripe starts on the hood and carries over to the top of the liftgate for a cohesive look. There are also other contrasting accents throughout the exterior, like the black-painted roof, body moldings, and front splitter. While many of the accents are black, the wheels are gloss white and have a design inspired by Ford’s long history of rally vehicles.

Stylish and functional, the face of the Mach-E Rally features rally-inspired fog lights that are housed in the front fascia, separate from the headlights. Those headlights themselves add to the Mach-E Rally’s fierce look, shaped into slits that make the EV look like it’s got plenty of grit and determination. In the back, there’s a rear spoiler with a design inspired by the Focus RS, a legendary model that was beloved for its capability.

Interior Tech

Inside, the Mach-E Rally has purpose-built tech meant to enhance the driving experience. In the controls, you can turn on RallySport Drive Mode to get more yaw for slides, a linear throttle response that gives you a higher degree of control, and more aggressive damping to take on loose corners with the ease of a pro. Between these settings and the right pair of tires, the Rally can tackle not just dirt roads but also snow and slick surfaces.

Like other Mach-E trims, it also has a setting that allows you to turn on one-pedal driving, which takes some of the stress off your brakes, gives you a more convenient driving experience, and can improve the vehicle’s range. While one-pedal driving is a fun feature exclusive to EVs, there are some things about gas engines that you might miss, like the iconic sound of revving up. To help you go green without losing that bit of fun, the Mach-E has Propulsion Sound, which can be turned on when you want a thrilling soundscape and off when you’re driving through your neighborhood or up to a campsite late at night.

A yellow 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally is shown charging.

Does the Mach-E Rally Measure Up?

Ford is no novice when it comes to creating rally-inspired vehicles, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the Mach-E Rally looks like it’s got what it takes to race over dirt and gravel roads. Fans of the gone-but-not-forgotten Focus RS may be particularly invested in the new Mach-E’s success since it’s something of a spiritual successor to the discontinued hotrod hatchback. With a few years of experience making the Mustang Mach-E under its belt, Ford has a good handle on how to harness the natural advantages of EVs and how to make up for their shortcomings with features like sporty propulsion sounds and high-capacity battery packs for convenient range and a thrilling feel.

Ford also made sure to do some real-world testing to make sure the new Mach-E was really ready to rally. Rallycross veterans helped the automaker design and create a course at the Michigan Proving Ground that simulates the experience of racing over uneven surfaces away from paved roads. The prototypes were subjected to 500-mile tests to ensure they were up to snuff, which is promising for fans hoping that the final product can truly deliver thrills on the highway and off. While its long-term durability remains to be seen, the Mach-E Rally’s specs and well-thought-out design have us excited to get behind the wheel.