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A Review of a Used Ford From a Real Driver

My own path to a used Ford involved a series of unexpected and unfortunate events that I did not expect would lead me to the purchase of my first used Ford. I was a loyal and happy Dodge enthusiast, until the fateful day that I received a horrible report from the mechanic whom I attempted to have complete the yearly inspection of my vehicle. You know that an estimate to repair your vehicle is going to be astronomical when the mechanic just about loses his voice once finished with the list of repairs needed… then exclaims “AND, there is something wrong with your taillight because it is just hanging out of the socket!” At that point, the exasperation and frustration of the mere inspection of my vehicle lead me to believe that he would encounter more frustration fixing it, which would ultimately lead to an even higher than the originally thought astronomically high estimate. Consequently, I had to make the decision to retire my beloved Dodge.


The Reckoning

With a little bit of sadness and some desperation, I began to shop around for quality used vehicles, but never envisioning that I would fall in love with a used Ford. I was very tough on all of my vehicles and would always warn the people who would at times become passengers, that I was a bit “rough and tumble” with my vehicles to tamper their shock. You see, when you have children that are getting in and out of the car with their snacks, toys, sports equipment, smelly shoes and other accouterments they might find interesting; it is a challenge to keep the inside of your vehicle from wearing out. If you add to it, two 80 pound doggies that like to adventure outside often and are also regular passengers that have ample saliva, muddy paws to adorn the seats, windows and anything else on your interior. Forget a worn car, you are looking at a very sad beat-up vehicle that you have truly outgrown.

Yup…Bessie needed to be retired. One thing was clear and for certain, I needed a larger, more rugged vehicle that could handle all of the incoming and outgoing activity which would no doubt occur in any vehicle that I purchased for years to come. I tried out many vehicles, but nothing felt like a good fit for me, my kids or my dogs. Until, I met my Ford.


The Hunt

It was regally positioned between two other luxury SUV’s and it kind of shone with promise, the size, tires and exterior looked very clean. It indeed appeared to be a very rugged vehicle, but I was curious about how it might navigate. I skeptically stepped in behind the steering wheel of the 2006 Ford Explorer and from the first turn of the key, I fell hopelessly in love with the vehicle. The interior was spacious, luxurious and the ride was as smooth as whipped cream. It had every bell and whistle a tech-savvy girl would love and was at a price that I could afford. Yes, that day I chose to purchase a used Ford.


Testimony of Reliability

The first used Ford that I purchased lasted me for many years. It easily weathered many trips up north to the mountains and the numerous times I packed it with all the equipment necessary for an outing to the beach with the kids. It survived unscathed through my many trips to the woods with my hooligans and the many adventures driving through snow, sleet and rain; some of the interesting weather dynamics in the North. My used Ford proved itself to be a reliably sturdy vehicle; and years later, when it was time to retire yet another vehicle, I chose to purchase another used Ford. I expect to enjoy this one, as I did my previous one for years to come. Fords are known to be reliable vehicles that last a number of years without fail and in this case, I can attest to that fact. In the years between there were many upgrades and features that were added that just improved upon an already solid and reliable vehicle. Below are some of features that could be present in your next used Ford Explorer:

  • Heated and Cooled Leather Seats– This is a great bonus during the hot or cold weather
  • 12 Speaker Sony Sound System– An excellent sound system that accentuates your tunes
  • 4 USB Charging Ports– To plug in those pesky phones when they need charging
  • Voice Activated Navigation– So that you can be hands-free and legal
  • Front and Rear View Cameras– So you can easily see what is in front and back of you
  • Roof Top Luggage Racks– Extra storage for that next trip
  • Remote start– So that you can start your car 10 min prior to leaving and let the AC cool it off or to heat it up in the winter
  • Extra Air Bags– To keep everyone safe
  • Child Proof Locks– Make sure the little ones can only exit when you do
  • Anti-Lock Brakes – Keeping your cars from skidding and a safety feature

Whether you are looking to purchase a truck, SUV, coupe, sedan or muscle car;  Ford has a model for every lifestyle, personality and budget. With the advances in technology, there are many tech-savvy additions to please every consumer. Ford knows that the Ford customer seeks a rugged, dependable and comfortable ride. It delivers this promise every time and keeps many customers satisfied for years to come. Ford is a vehicle that will be dependable and reliable for many years to come and truly fit the description “Ford Tough.” The quality of the trucks, SUVs, coupes and muscle cars that are manufactured by Ford are unparalleled and an excellent reason to consider buying a used Ford when you are in the market to purchase your next “new to you” vehicle. The next time that you need to hunt for another vehicle, check out a used Ford you will be very glad that you did.

Silver 2006 Ford Explorer in a parking lot


Used Fords: The Right Vehicle for Your Next Used Car Purchase

While I am still driving my own used Ford Explorer, I can tell you that my kids, dogs and passengers appreciate the roominess and comfort of the interior. We appreciate its many seats and compartments to store the needed items when traveling and its many details within that reveal that designers of this vehicle really took the time and effort to think about what would be great to add for the comfort of families, or individuals with busy lifestyles. In addition, I am very grateful for the back up camera that I am currently able to utilize to prevent any more mail box casualties that may or may not have occurred to the mailboxes of my neighbors.

Overall, I encourage you to check out a used Ford if you choose to purchase another vehicle. A quick online search can easily show you what’s available in your area and help you determine what to expect for a price – new Fords are extremely affordable, so a used Ford makes its even easier to stay within your budget. So, don’t wait any longer! Close this tab and start exploring used Fords online!