A white 2023 Nissan Pathfinder is shown driving up a dirt road away from a Nissan dealer.

A Look at Some Standout Models From Nissan’s 2023 Lineup

Since its emergence in the American automobile market in the 1950s, Nissan has been a leader in manufacturing vehicles that are both efficient and innovative. The manufacturer has evolved throughout its over 60-year history in the US, continually innovating and setting the standard for reliable and affordable sedans, trucks, and SUVs. Nissan remains on the cutting edge of tech devoted to performance, safety, infotainment, and comfort. Not to be forgotten is a newly formed exploration of how connectivity can improve comfort and convenience for drivers and passengers alike.

As you’ve considered a Nissan dealer for your next purchase, the next step is choosing a suitable model and considering your trim options. As the automotive landscape evolves, our vehicles will serve as extensions of ourselves even more, similar to the phenomenon occurring with our dependence on mobile phones. The future is certainly connected; the question for the next few years will be how seamless. Nissan is already thinking, exploring, and acting on this concept with consistent success on vehicles now available in its lineup. If one thing is true, Nissan vehicle technology is exciting, partially due to the large selection of available tech and connectivity features. Let’s take a look at a few models that best demonstrate this commitment to innovation.

Big Enough to Fit All Features

With the 2023 Nissan Pathfinder, what is hard not to notice first is that limited space will never be an issue. Nissan’s large and roomy SUV can seat seven or eight, depending on your seat configuration. One small piece of comfort and convenience tech is being able to tilt the 2nd row to give 3rd-row seaters quick and easy access when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Underneath the hood, the 2023 Pathfinder sports a solid 3.5-liter V6 engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The Pathfinder comes standard with front-wheel drive; however, Nissan has made available on all Pathfinder trims the option for all-wheel drive. Equipping your 2023 Pathfinder with all-wheel drive unlocks another useful tool designed to improve driver confidence and the actual ride itself.

Intelligent 4×4 with seven drive modes adjusts the vehicle to handle the specific terrain you’re traversing; these include Snow, Mud/Rut, Sand, Tow, Auto, Sport, and Eco. Nissan focused on driver confidence, specifically with the towing mode, which has Downhill Speed Control to make for a smooth ride when pulling cargo like a boat or camper with your Pathfinder. With an Electronic Parking Brake with Auto-Hold, Nissan gives the driver more comfort, especially when driving through dense stop-and-go traffic. This feature applies the brake without the driver needing to hold the pedal when the feature is engaged.

The Pathfinder’s innovative interior and safety features continue to focus on providing a comfortable and safe driving experience. To start, Nissan goes all in with digital displays. There are three digital displays: the instrument panel, climate control area, and the infotainment touchscreen, which comes standard as an 8-inch screen, with the ability to upgrade to a 9-inch one. All of these screens are customizable to display pertinent information the driver needs.

For safety, the Pathfinder’s standard Safety Shield 360 keeps the driver’s and passengers’ safety at the forefront. It is a feature-loaded system that keeps an eye out for the driver by notifying them of a potential collision and intervening if needed. These standard features include useful tools like Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Warning, and Lane Departure Warning, allowing everyone on board to travel with confidence, knowing that the Pathfinder is looking out for them.

A black 2023 Nissan Maxima SR is shown driving down the highway.

Confidence and Comfort to the Max

The Maxima is Nissan’s full-size sedan, packed with an abundance of innovative comfort and convenience features that rival those found in luxury brands. The standard 3.5L V6 engine provides you with an impressive 300 hp, making performance one of its many strengths. Commitment to continuous power and driver-specific needs make the Maxima a great daily commuter, especially when considering its notable fuel economy, getting roughly 20 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway.

It’s ideally suited for everyday travel, whether commuting to work, grocery shopping, or traveling with the family for a weekend getaway. With the Drive Mode Selector, the 2023 Maxima can choose between driving modes for the sedan, allowing drivers to stick with the normal mode or opt for enabling the Sport Mode for a more intense ride. It should not be forgotten that the Maxima is not just designed to look good; the 2023 build reminds us with features such as intelligent trace control to hug curves, intelligent deceleration control for smooth stops, and active ride control which adjusts the suspension to the point that bumps are rarely felt by riders in the vehicle.

The Maxima does its best to put control of the infotainment system at your fingertips. There’s the standard 8-inch touchscreen that can be navigated by voice and touch. Additionally, near the driving mode buttons is the Display Commander; this is a physical dial that turns to scroll through the on-screen options. Another smaller display is on the instrument panel to deliver full-color information for drivers, such as engine temperature and current speed. The Maxima is a great example of Nissan’s desire to stay ahead when it comes to connectivity. The system is designed to connect with Android or Apple devices. For navigation, there are integrations with Waze and Google Maps. To ensure drivers can stay connected to their busy lives outside of the Maxima, there’s NissanConnect which allows vehicle occupants to utilize the Maxima as a hotspot.

A man is shown unloading a bicycle from a green 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X parked beside a forest creek as a black and white dog stands nearby.

Built for Work and Play

Nissan’s focus on innovation for meeting the demands of the job site and at home is what it’s all about for the 2023 Frontier. Producing an impressive 310 hp, the 3.8L V6 will get you anywhere you need to go, on the road or off. This gives Nissan a lot to work with regarding intelligent towing and safety features. The Frontier, which comes in three trims, is capable of towing up to 6,690 lbs. To carry this amount of cargo, Nissan set out to give drivers confidence in their trucks.

First, as you attach your cargo, using the Frontier’s Intelligent Around View Monitor will eliminate the guesswork of lining up your towing hitch. Enabling the Tow-Haul mode will enable the Frontier to make proper adjustments to give you and your cargo a smooth ride. If you encounter less-than-ideal weather, Trailer Sway Control won’t leave you with any worry about your trailer escaping your lane on the road.

Focusing on intelligent options isn’t limited to the towing capabilities on the Frontier. Safety is also a top priority. A large part of safety includes having relevant information for prevention. Nissan’s full-color screen on the instrument panel delivers a wealth of information. The screen features standard information such as fuel range, current speed, and tire pressure. However, additional features such as road sign recognition are also available to add another layer of protection. These driver-assistance features deliver alerts and notifications and allow you to utilize other safety features when needed. All in all, these features, plus more, are a part of Nissan’s consistent commitment to using innovation to enhance safety.

A Diverse Lineup for Diverse Drivers

The 2023 Nissan lineup delivers the versatility drivers enjoy seeing from a lineup, providing a wealth of vehicle options for almost any type of driver. From their compact to their full-size models, Nissan vehicles have a wide range of standard and optional features that make the vehicle safer, more efficient, and more exciting to drive. Whether you need an efficient sedan for the weekday commutes to work, a spacious SUV to haul the entire family, or a powerful truck to tackle the challenges on the job site, Nissan has you covered with its innovative and diverse 2023 lineup.