A white 2022 GMC Acadia is shown from the side parked next to a river with kayak on the roof.

A Breakdown of the Packages Available for the 2022 GMC Acadia

Vehicle manufacturers often bundle together different optional features in the form of packages for new vehicles. For extra cash, buyers have the option to gain some additional peace of mind with optional safety packages or spice their new car up with packages chock full of accessories. Performance packages are available, too, as well as some combinations of all three. The 2022 GMC Acadia offers a ton of packages, giving buyers a plethora of customizable options, though the availability of these packages will vary by trim.

Preferred Package $995

The Preferred Package is all about making you feel warm and fuzzy. It includes a driver 8-way power seat, heated and ventilated front seats with power lumbar control, and heated rear seats. It also has a power tilting telescopic steering wheel (which is also heated) and power-adjustable, power-folding outside mirrors with memory settings. For $995, you get a lot of bang for your buck, and these features do a lot to increase comfort and convenience.

Driver Convenience Package $1,750

A bit pricier is the Driver Convenience Package, available on the SLE. It also comes with an 8-way power seat with power lumbar control for the driver, plus heated seats for the driver and front passenger. The hands-free power programmable liftgate and remote start are sure to come in handy, and the 120-volt power outlet ups the ante as well. Lastly, this package includes roof-mounted side rails of various finishes depending on the trim.

Elevation Edition $1,495

The 2022 GMC Acadia in the Elevation Edition is undeniably great-looking. This package essentially serves to give the vehicle a darker look, with a bunch of blacked-out accessories like the 20-inch aluminum wheels, grille, GMC center caps for wheels, roof rails, and other exterior accents. It also includes 20-inch all-season blackwall tires. The Elevation Edition is a bit on the pricy side, but relative to some of the other packages offered, it does a lot to transform the vehicle.

Technology Package $1,000

The Head-Up Display and HD Surround Vision are bundled together in the Technology Package. Both can be considered safety features and convenience features rolled into one. The HD Surround Vision gives the driver an aerial view of their surroundings, and the Head-Up Display conveniently projects information on the windshield in the driver’s line of sight, minimizing the need to peel their eyes away from the road.

“Hit the Road” Package $925

For an extra $925, your 2022 GMC Acadia can have roof rack cross rails and black, molded assist steps. The cross rails look cool and will also increase the functionality of the vehicle’s roof. The molded assist steps will make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle with grooved steps that are grippier than the standard fare.

A white 2022 GMC Acadia is shown from the rear off-roading in the desert.

Black Accent Package $785

The Black Accent Package is pretty much what it sounds like; it includes a black finished grille and a blacked-out rear license plate trim. The all-black look is a popular one for new vehicles, which probably merits the inclusion of this package by GMC. If this is your thing, you may be willing to cough up the $785 for a slightly slicker ride, but the Elevation Edition might be worth taking a second look at if you’re considering it.

Trailering Package $650

For those who are planning on putting the 2022 GMC Acadia to work, the Trailering Package will likely be a good investment. For $650, it includes a class 3 hitch, a 7-pin wiring harness, and a 170-amp alternator. It also includes GM’s Hitch Guidance with Hitch View – a feature that makes hooking up to a trailer easier by displaying a centerline on the rearview camera so the driver can see where the hitch is. Hitch View will show an up-close view of the hitch itself. Also included is a heavy-duty cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating. All in all, the Trailer Package will increase the 2022 GMC Acadia’s towing capacity to 4,000 lbs.

Adventure Package $650

The Adventure Package is kind of a hodgepodge of features that add up to adventure. Roof rack cross rails are on point with the theme – adventures usually require equipment, right? The rest of the package is the addition of all-weather floor liners for all three rows, plus an integrated cargo liner. After all, adventures can be messy. All-weather liners will do a lot to preserve the interior of your vehicle, so they’re not a bad use of your extra dollars. However, there are other packages that include the liners at a lower price, sans cross rails.

Bright Accent Package $545

Another package purely for the looks, the Bright Accent Package will make your 2022 GMC Acadia shine, literally. For $545, it includes chrome mirror caps, sport pedal covers, and chrome bodyside moldings. If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s exterior, this is probably a better option than the Black Accent Package. The Bright Accent Package will give you more flair at a much more reasonable price.

Floor Liner Package $425

Remember those cheaper packages with the all-weather floor liners I was talking about? The Floor Liner Package is a solid one that includes first, second, and third-row all-weather floor liners as well as an integrated cargo liner. The bucket-like liners are designed to protect the vehicle from all manner of debris and will surely stretch the life of your vehicle’s interior, especially for a big SUV like the GMC Acadia that will likely have a lot of people coming in and out.

Interior Protection Package $345

The Interior Protection Package is the economy version of the Floor Liner Package. Instead of liners, it will outfit the vehicle in first, second, and third-row all-weather mats. An all-weather cargo mat is included as well. It’s not a downgrade, though. Some just prefer mats to liners because they’re more flexible and easier to remove and clean, so the option is there.

A white 2022 GMC Acadia is shown from the front parked in front of a mountain range.

Premium Carpet Floor Mat Package $275

The Premium Carpet Floor Mat Package is yet another one designed for protecting the vehicle’s interior. It includes first, second, and third-row carpeted floor mats. Although the carpeted floor mats don’t offer the same level of protection as the all-weather mats and liners, they’ll still act as an extra layer between dirt and the vehicle in a form that can be removed and vacuumed. The price, at $275, can’t be beat.

Cargo Package $210

The $210 Cargo Package has the potential to be far more valuable than its dollar amount. It includes a retractable cargo shade so items in the trunk can be shielded from the sun and passerby’s gaze. The vertical cargo net will keep everything snug and in one place, so you don’t have to worry about anything rolling around, breaking, distracting, and distressing the driver.

Roadside Safety Package $165

The Roadside Safety Package is the package you never hope you’ll need, but you’ll never regret purchasing if you do. It includes a highway safety kit (bungee cord, gloves, flashlight, poncho, booster cables, pliers, etc.) as well as a first-aid kit that has some basic supplies. It is always good to have a package like this in your vehicle for those “just in case” scenarios.

Packages for Every Buyer

Although it would be nice to pick features a la carte, packages are offered to streamline the manufacturing process, driving overall costs down. They also create more versatility for a vehicle that comes in relatively few trim levels (the 2022 GMC Acadia comes in SLE, SLT, AT4, and Denali trims). GMC does a good job of offering well-designed packages at a variety of prices, so every proud new owner of the 2022 GMC Acadia has the option to jazz theirs up a little.