A couple is shown speaking to a saleswoman about how to sell their car.

9 Reasons You Should Sell Your Car

Do you have an older car and are considering trading it in for something else? Are you eyeing a newer model and wondering if you should sell your current ride so you can trade up? Maybe you’ve seen an ad or commercial about a vehicle you weren’t aware of when you bought your last one. Perhaps you went to a car show or got to test drive a model that left you hungry for more? No matter the reason, you’ve decided to at least consider getting rid of your current vehicle and looking for something else. If you’ve had the thought, “should I sell my car?” at any point in the recent past, this is your sign: Yes, you should sell your car. We’ll even give you 9 reasons why.

#1 – Fewer Repairs

I’m in the middle of a dilemma at the moment. My vehicle is almost twenty years old, and it is beginning to show signs of being on its last legs. Should I see if I can trade it in and go with a slightly newer model, or should I keep repairing it bit by bit until it completely collapses? Depending on what your situation is, you might decide to keep replacing parts for the next few months until you’re ready to trade it in or sell, or you might need money now and decide to go ahead and get it done so that you won’t have to keep adding repair fees to your monthly budget.

With a newer vehicle, it’s less likely you’ll need to repair it; you’ll just need to keep up with basic maintenance, like oil changes and car washes, which are much less expensive than replacing the alternator, the brakes, or the tires. I’m definitely considering taking my Kia to the dealership to see what kind of an offer they can make that would get me into something newer.

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#2 – Get Something You Actually Want

Were you looking at a fun vehicle but had to buy a practical car instead? Well, now you can sell the practical one and get that fun one in a more recent model. It’s now less expensive, and you don’t have to feel guilty for buying something you’ll actually enjoy driving. If I were able to trade in my Kia, I’d definitely want to look at something more enjoyable, like the Chevrolet Suburban or the Wagoneer. They’re big enough to fit the entire family and whatever items they bring along with them, and they’re more luxurious and definitely way more fun to drive than the twenty-something-year-old Kia we have now.

#3 – New And Improved Hybrid and Electric Options

If you’ve got a vehicle as old as mine, you know they can be gas guzzlers, and with the price of gas going up and down, you never know what a tank of gas is going to cost you. Luckily, if you sell your car, you have the option to switch to something else––including a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle. Now that the hybrid and all-electric options have been around for a few years, they’re more affordable, more reliable, and more capable. I’m particularly interested in plug-in hybrids as they would keep fuel expenses down and help out the environment, and would allow me to switch between gasoline and electricity if I couldn’t find a charger or a gas station nearby.

#4 – Updated Technology Features

An older vehicle, even one from the last five years, will not have up-to-date technology features that are much sought after nowadays. With newer models offering a wide range of technology features like an infotainment center that can pair with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a WiFi hotspot, and wireless charging pads for everyone’s electronics, these features have become incredibly popular and, in some cases, necessary. Other popular tech features that have appeared in the last few years include keyless entry, selectable drive modes, and digital instrument clusters to make your life on the road more convenient.

#5 – Updated Safety Features

Even more important than the newer technology now being installed in most trim levels of vehicles, modern safety features provide a veritable suite of driver-assistance tools that can be the difference between a dented bumper and a serious collision. Some of the favorite features with drivers these days include automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and blind-spot alerts. Some modern cars can even drive themselves with technology like Tesla Autopilot, Cadillac Super Cruise, and Ford BlueCruise! Even if you don’t need the more technological aspects, the additional airbags and improved crash structures of modern vehicles will provide peace of mind to every driver on the road.

#6 – New Design Features

While this might not apply to every single vehicle available on the market, it is true that many manufacturers are attempting to compensate for the rising gas prices by making their vehicles more aerodynamic, whether it’s with a double spoiler, rounded edges, or placing spats in front of the tires, many newer vehicles are able to go longer with less gas because of small or large updates to their designs. On the other hand, maybe you just like the looks of a new model. Cars change constantly, and having the latest model on the block is always fun.

A man is shown driving a car on his way to a dealership to sell his car.

#7 – Choices to Personalize Your Vehicle

We’ve seen an incredible surge of choices for car buyers in the last decade or so, mostly centering on trim levels, special editions, and engine and motor options. Do you want something more economical but don’t want to completely commit to an all-electric vehicle? There are several hybrids on the market. Need a bigger vehicle but want at least a little fuel economy? There are plenty of trucks with diesel engine options. There are also different paint colors, available add-ons, and options for a variety of configurations.

#8 – Downsizing and Switching to Alternative Travel Options

Sometimes, selling a car doesn’t even mean buying a new car. Have you moved to a city where having a car is impractical because of the constant congestion? Or does the rise of working from home mean that your family no longer needs multiple vehicles? Sell the car and find another way to travel, such as a scooter, motorcycle, bicycle, rollerblades, walking, or public transit. Many people have found that simplifying helps ease stress and tension and that being out of doors is helpful for combatting depression and anxiety. It also helps the environment, so everyone wins in this scenario.

#9 – You Deserve It

You don’t need to keep driving your old wreck of a vehicle to and from work every day. You deserve a better car. You work hard, you take care of your family and friends, and you try to put some good out in the world when the opportunity arises. Do yourself a favor and sell that old piece of junk so that you can find something that better fits the you that you have become. Everyone has different reasons for selling their car, whether used, new, or leased. Sometimes it’s for practical reasons; other times, it’s simply because you want a change of pace. No matter what your reason is, selling your car has many benefits, and there is no reason to hang on to a car that you no longer want.