5 Reasons Why Chevy Has the Perfect Platform for Work Trucks

So, you’re researching work trucks for sale. Let us help you to understand the importance of choosing the right vehicle and the continued role that it will play in the success of your company.

Whether you’re looking to build a fully-realized commercial fleet that includes work trucks, or is simply looking to integrate commercial trucks for use in your small business, it is important to find the perfect platform to build upon. In the most traditional sense, this means finding the right combination of performance and utility to ‘get the job done right.’ However, it’s also important to consider the role that a well-branded commercial vehicle can play in advertising the products and/or services that you offer. Factor in the evolving nature of the mobile workplace and suddenly finding the right commercial truck becomes more challenging than simply choosing the most eye-catching model served up by your automaker of choice.

That said, if Chevy happens to be that automaker of choice, we’re going look at some of the reasons why you might have given yourself a head-start toward satisfaction.


Proven Dependability

Chevy has proudly celebrated the centennial anniversary of its truck offerings, and 100 years provide a pretty strong basis upon which to establish a track record. To put Chevy’s longevity into perspective, the first Chevy one-ton was released a time when the U.S. Population was a mere 103.2 million, gasoline cost $.25 a gallon, the average household earned $1,518 annually, and a new home cost $6,187.

A lot has changed in the ten decades that have passed, but Chevy trucks have remained a constant fixture in our American (and now global) mindset, resting comfortably among the best-selling vehicles of all time.


A Truck for Every Kind of Job

Especially in a commercial sense, a truck is no different than any other tool used to complete a task. To get a job done right, quickly and efficiently you need to have the right tool at your disposal. Choosing the right truck helps to ensure that you do exactly that, and Chevy kicks things off with the versatile and accessible Chevy Colorado.

Priced to start around $20,200 MSRP, the Colorado has been declared American’s Most Fuel-Efficient Pickup and earns Best-in-Class ratings for both Horsepower (308 hp with the 3.6-liter V6) and Towing (7,700 LBS with the 2.8-liter turbodiesel). And therein lies another important distinction of the Colorado’s versatility: the availability of three different engine configurations. Whether you opt for either of the engines above or the modesty of the 2.5-liter inline four, the Colorado serves up a little something for everyone. Their accommodating design includes three different body/bed configurations, in either 2WD or 4WD.

And of course, the Chevy Silverado is even more closely tied to the mindset of the American worker whether we’re talking about the 1500 (starting at $28,300 MSRP) 2500HD (from $34,200) or the 3500HD (from $35,300 MSRP).

Chevy’s unique standing of having earned Dependability Awards from J.D. Power and Associates across its entire lineup is built upon four major cornerstones. One of those cornerstones is the Silverado 1500’s standing as the ‘Most Dependable Large Light-Duty Pickup.’ But it’s hardly a one-trick pony. With five different configurations of cab and bed styling, and four different powertrains to choose from, the Silverado is as versatile as the jobs it helps to get done. Still unsure? Of the engines available, three out of four offer V8 capability that delivers Best-in-Class Horsepower, Fuel Economy and Tow ratings. Not bad for ‘light-duty.’

For heavy-duty capability, both the 2500HD and 3500HD step up to plate with the kind of unparalleled confidence you’d expect. Offering up to 445 hp, 910 lb-ft of torque, and 23,300 LB max towing capacity it’s hard to think of a job a properly-equipped Silverado HD can’t get done.


Available Technology

Especially among domestic automakers, it would be hard to debate the argument that Chevy stands head and shoulders above its competitors, in terms of integrating available technologies. Whether performance, safety or amenity-based Chevy vehicles address the evolving demands of an ever-changing customer base.

Consider for a moment the fact that hands-free legislation exists cross-country. With that in mind, it’s hard to believe that Bluetooth isn’t a standard feature for all models and trim levels, across all automakers. That said, Chevy offers Bluetooth connectivity as an option, ensuring both safety and legal compliance, as well as convenience.

Similarly, surprising is many automakers failure to include WiFi as a standard option across all offerings, especially in 2018 where all but a small percentage of people utilize wireless devices. Chevy addresses this by offering the option of 4G LTE WiFi across their full lineup.

The simple availability of these two options speak to the demands of today’s 24/7 mobile workplace, and the expectation of constant connectivity. No longer is a work truck “just a work truck,” with Chevy trucks it can double confidently as a mobile satellite office. No industry is exempt from the need for that.


Ideal for Upfitting

Regardless of whether you’re a tradesman, contractor or something else entirely, you understand the important role a work truck can play in carrying gear, supplies or by being unfit with specialized equipment.

From the Colorado to the Silverado family, Chevy Express van lineup to low-cab-forward builds there are any number of perfect platforms made available for upfitting. So whether you’re looking for a service body, dump truck, landscape or contractor body, or something even more job-specific, Chevy trucks have you covered.


Mobile Advertising

While it may not be specific to Chevy, let’s never underestimate the valuable role any branded commercial vehicle plays in advertising your business. Do you know that the average vehicle, driven 15,000 miles a year, will pass in front of nine million vehicles? Can your business really afford to miss out on that kind of visibility?


In Closing…

Whatever you choose in your next work truck, think of it as necessary tool to complete the specific jobs that you have on-hand. Regardless of what that job may be, Chevy provides countless assurances that they have the right tool for you.