A person is shown leaning against a white 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

5 Reasons the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Is One of the Best Value SUVs on the Road

When you consider value, you think of getting more for your money, right? This is especially true when it comes to vehicles, and one of the most talked-about compact SUVs that’s gaining recognition for its affordable price tag and highly desirable features is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. With its low starting price and a plethora of standard features designed to heighten the overall quality of the ride, Canadian drivers are compelled to take a closer look at this stylish and fully loaded SUV. When it comes to a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for sale, there are many outstanding options on Canadian dealership lots, filled with exceptional features to improve the ride and make any journey safer, more comfortable, and more exciting. Here are five top reasons why the Eclipse Cross is an incredible value on the road.

#1 – Standard All-Wheel Drive

Canadian drivers know they need a vehicle that can take on the elements, especially when it comes to harsh winter weather. That’s why cars with all-wheel drive are extremely popular with these drivers, and when all-wheel drive comes standard, that’s even better. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross isn’t your average affordable model. It’s armed with features not found in its rivals, like standard all-wheel drive to help drivers across Canada arrive at their destinations safely, even when snow is falling heavily, and ice is starting to cover the streets.

Super All-Wheel Control is one of the world’s most advanced AWD systems, showcasing three selectable drive modes to help power through some of the toughest obstacles in existence. Whether travelling through snowy terrain, on uneven gravel, or in normal conditions, the Eclipse Cross can handle it all with the touch of a button. Utilizing real-time data to analyze the road conditions, this compact traveller can send power to all four wheels to maximize traction and provide unparalleled stability, no matter where it’s venturing. Having ultimate control is essential, especially when traversing slick city streets and uneven terrain, which can frequently be found in abundance in every province.

A person is shown steering a 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for sale.

#2 – Stunning Design

From the moment you catch a glimpse of this compact traveller, you’ll notice that it’s sleek and stylish, sporting modern design elements that appeal to cost-conscious buyers. It’s practical and sophisticated, providing drivers with the total experience during their ride. Whether venturing into the city or heading out into the wilderness, the Eclipse Cross is designed to ignite a spark of excitement in any journey. From various colour schemes to available leather seating, a heated steering wheel to chrome-plated interior door handles, the style showcased inside this refined SUV is undeniably modern.

It’s also extremely functional, with up to 1,419L of cargo space and plenty of legroom for all on board to enjoy a comfortable ride. Customizable cargo space can easily handle everything from camping gear to groceries, while the flexible interior creates the experience you need during the ride. Plus, with features like a power panoramic sunroof available, you’ll be able to take the atmosphere of the drive to new levels inside this cost-effective travel companion. The Eclipse Cross is unlike many of its competitors. It has a high-end design, reasonable sticker price, and loads of flexible cargo space to accommodate anything travelling along for the ride.

#3 – Five-Star Safety

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is one of the safest compact SUVs on the road, which is helpful for Canadian drivers frequently travelling through dangerous weather during the winter months. Its Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body creates the perfect safe space for all on board. Crumple zones help mitigate injuries during high-impact collisions, and reinforced elements provide enhanced security to make the Eclipse Cross a top pick when safety is an absolute priority.

The level of technology inside this affordable traveller is another impressive attribute. From rain-sensing wipers to sparkling LED fog lights, the Eclipse Cross is armed and ready for whatever comes next during the ride. Its available Multi-View Camera System utilizes a series of cameras to showcase 360-degree views around the vehicle, maximizing safety during even some of the most hectic travel situations. Rear Cross Traffic Alert comes to the rescue to help make backing up and navigating out of parking spaces easier, while an advanced Blind Spot Warning system allows for seamless transitions as you maneuver through traffic on the highway. It’s clear the Eclipse Cross is prepared to handle anything the journey tosses its way, with superior safety features designed to appeal to drivers across Canada and beyond.

#4 – Advanced Technology

Many affordable models are lacking when it comes to technology, but not the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This value-driven traveller is armed with some of the best tech in the industry, with a standard 20-centimetre touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, and other innovative features. Its advanced head-up display, for example, provides essential driving information, such as speed, safety features, and more, right at eye-level on the windshield, so drivers never lose focus on their journey.

Cold weather features also come in handy for Canadian drivers, with heated side mirrors, a windshield wiper de-icer, heated seats, and more, helping drivers across Canada stay warm and toasty during the winter months. Take advantage of the available Mitsubishi Power Sound System to add intense enjoyment to the ride, even when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city. From helpful additions to keep you focused and safe during the ride to features designed to add excitement to any commute, the tech inside the Eclipse Cross is top quality.

A person is shown selecting an app in a 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

#5 – Outstanding Warranty

When it comes to having maximum assurance that your vehicle won’t let you down, it helps to drive a car with a superior warranty, which is exactly what the Eclipse Cross offers. Mitsubishi is confident in the vehicles it designs, which shows in the brand’s fabulous warranty program. The 2023 Eclipse Cross comes with a 10-year/160,000-km Powertrain Limited Warranty, which helps this compact travel companion stay moving with confidence, no matter what. This warranty covers essential elements like the engine, transmission, and other crucial components, allowing drivers to have ultimate peace of mind during any journey. Whether coasting down the highway, navigating inclement weather, or traversing challenging terrain, the Eclipse Cross is covered under one of the best warranties in the business.

High Value, Affordable Pricing

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is one of the best value options on the road, with an arsenal of features that can’t be found in rivals and a reasonable sticker price that appeals to drivers all over Canada. It’s durable, stylish, and loaded with helpful features that make traversing Canadian streets effortless while providing a safe and stable ride with standard all-wheel drive capabilities. It’s also loaded with exceptional tech features designed to make the ride enjoyable and secure, whether navigating new environments or maneuvering through the packed parking lot at work.

When it comes to having it all, the Eclipse Cross showcases this perfectly. It’s ready for any journey that comes its way and is backed by Mitsubishi’s reputation for excellence. As one of the safest and most trusted SUVs in its segment, the Eclipse Cross proves that you don’t have to pay more to get the features that will have a positive impact on any journey.