A white 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is driving on a rural highway in front of trees.

2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Your Next SUV?

The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport continues the groundwork that had been set in place by its predecessors. This year, several enhancements have been made to the vehicle as a whole, differentiating it from previous model years. However, does the latest Outlander Sport have what it takes to become the SUV that you spend your hard-earned money on? To answer this question, we must first look closer into the manufacturer behind it all, the legendary Mitsubishi.

Many people believe that Mitsubishi didn’t earn its rise to fame until the 1970s with the introduction of Mitsubishi Motors, its automotive division. However, the Mitsubishi Group has been around since 1870 and is among the largest corporations in Japan, with branches involved in everything from shipbuilding to nuclear power. The very first Mitsubishi car was actually built by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding back in 1917. Once the 1980s rolled around, Mitsubishi vehicles began appearing in the American market, thus beginning the journey that leads us to where we are today.

What Trims Can I Choose?

If you’re looking to customize your experience with the 2021 Outlander Sport, then you’ll have six trims to select from. At the beginning of the list is the S trim with a starting MSRP of just $20,995. Truth be told, the base model may leave a lot to be desired depending on the type of driver you are. However, the S trim holds up well with its standard infotainment center, various safety features, and a fuel-efficient powertrain.

The base S trim is followed by the ES, LE, BE, and SE trims, which add a variety of features and stylistic elements. These range from 18-inch wheels and LED fog lights to large spoilers and different grille designs. Sitting at the very top, the GT trim is the ultimate Outlander Sport. This trim essentially upgrades everything about the vehicle from a much stronger powertrain, a more luxuriously-designed interior, a drive mode selector for switching between various terrains, and so much more.

A dark brown 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is driving on a city street.

Engines and Performance

Your 2021 Outlander Sport will come equipped with one of two engines, the most powerful of the two only being found on the top-of-the-line GT trim. The base engine found on every other trim is a 2.0L four-cylinder that produces 148 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque, paired with an efficient Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This engine provides the right amount of performance for general use, and its fuel-efficiency is superb, with EPA-estimated ratings of 24 MPG city and 30 MPG highway. Opting for an AWD configuration will slightly decrease this to 23 MPG city and 29 MPG highway. This engine can be quite useful for road trips and commuting alike.

The more powerful engine in the 2021 Outlander Sport lineup, which is only available on the aforementioned GT trim, is a 2.4L four-cylinder that comes paired with the same CVT. However, this engine is capable of producing 168 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque, a noticeable upgrade over the base engine. The 2.4L engine is also only available with all-wheel drive for even better performance. However, the fuel economy is lower, with EPA-estimated ratings of 23 MPG city and 28 MPG highway.

Safety Features

Compared to its competitors, the 2021 Outlander Sport is a much safer ride, thanks in part to a large number of standard and optional safety features. Advanced safety features on the base trim of any model are always appreciated by fans and critics, as manufacturers tend to exclude these features from their base models to incentivize their customers to spend more on higher-tier trims.

Among the standard safety features for the Outlander Sport, you’ll find Forward Collision Mitigation that comes equipped with pedestrian detection. Forward Collision Mitigation is a safety system that’s able to warn you if it detects that you’re about to collide with another vehicle and will help you apply the brakes to avoid the collision. Pedestrian detection means this system will brake for not only vehicles but pedestrians as well – an upgrade not available in many competing vehicles.

Automatic High Beams also come standard with the Outlander Sport, allowing the headlights to turn on and off automatically as road conditions require. This means you’ll always have the utmost visibility when on the road, which is certainly important when driving in any harsher climates. Another safety feature that you’ll find on the base Outlander Sport is Lane Departure Warning, which will warn you to correct your positioning on the road if it detects you’re unintentionally drifting out of your lane while on the freeway, for example.

Compared to the large number of standard advanced safety features, there are only a few optional systems. Opting for either the SE or GT trims will grant you additional safety features such as a Blind Spot Warning. This safety feature can send alerts to the driver if their blindspot is obstructed while traveling on the freeway, basically serving as an extra eye on the road. This comes alongside Lane Change Assist, which works in tandem with Blind Spot Warning to ensure you have the ability to switch lanes safely and avoid faster-moving traffic.

The black interior and dashboard are shown in a 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Mitsubishi Warranty

Like every new vehicle sold by Mitsubishi, the 2021 Outlander Sport comes with the manufacturer’s stellar warranty upon purchase. The warranties offered by many competing manufacturers often don’t compare to the generous length of Mitsubishi’s warranties. The first of these is a Powertrain Limited Warranty that lasts for ten years. That’s nearly double what most of its competitors offer, and the 100,000-mile limit is also significantly more generous than its competition. As the name suggests, the Powertrain Limited Warranty will protect you against unforeseen malfunctions relating to anything involving your powertrain, including your engine, transmission, and so forth.

In addition to this, you’ll also receive a New Vehicle Limited Warranty that’s good for up to five years after the purchase date or up to 60,000 miles driven. This warranty covers a majority of the other components of your vehicle that aren’t related to infotainment, air conditioning, electrical systems, or any other non-powertrain components, as the aforementioned Powertrain Limited Warranty covers those. Lastly, every new Mitsubishi vehicle also comes with an Anti-Corrosion Limited Warranty that lasts a whole seven years after you’ve purchased your vehicle and is also good for up to 100,000 miles driven. With this warranty, your vehicle will be protected against any non-driver-inflicted rust or corrosion to the exterior.

Time to Act Now

The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is one of the best deals out there. If you’re a driver who would like to purchase a new vehicle with both value and reliability, then a Mitsubishi is perfect for you. The low introductory price for the Outlander Sport is made only better by its standard inclusion of advanced safety features, along with Mitsubishi’s immensely consumer-friendly warranties. All of this combines to create one stellar vehicle that’s perfect for everyday drivers, even those who travel long distances. Getting started with your Outlander Sport is a simple process, and taking one for a test drive is an even better way to see the vehicle in action. All you have to do is visit your local Mitsubishi dealership and ask about the Outlander Sport to get started.