A blue 2021 Ford F-150 STX is shown driving past a rock face.

2021 Ford F-150 vs 2021 Toyota Tundra: Which Truck Is Tougher?

Toughness is defined as the state of having the strength to withstand rough conditions, and when you think of toughness, you think of a strong pickup truck. Designed to haul more, pull more and complete tasks that other vehicles can’t, the pickup trucks of today can seemingly accomplish the impossible. So when you’re searching for a top truck, how can you possibly sift through all of the outstanding options available, knowing with absolute confidence that you’ve chosen the right vehicle? One of the most legendary pickup trucks in history is the Ford F-150, and we’re going to pin it up against another solid classic, the Toyota Tundra, to see if it’s got what it takes to beat out this fan favorite. Get ready as the battle begins between the 2021 Ford F-150 vs 2021 Toyota Tundra to see which powerful pickup truck is tougher, more capable, and better equipped to handle all of your needs on the road, at the job site, on the trails, and beyond.

A Riveting Performance

Ford refers to the Ford F-150 as “the truck that never stops working,” and one look at its unbelievable performance capabilities, and you’ll understand why. Armed with an arsenal of tough engines, the F-150 makes any monumental task feel like child’s play. Its twin-turbocharged PowerBoost 3.5L Hybrid V6 provides it with the ultimate power of 400 horsepower under its perfectly chiseled hood, and with up to 700 miles of range on a full charge, there’s no stopping this tenacious truck. Other tough engines range from its efficient 3.0L diesel V6 to its impressive 5.0L V8 and everything in between. With so many engines to choose from, finding the ideal F-150 to complete all the tasks in your day is a no-brainer.

The 2021 Toyota Tundra, on the other hand, is equipped with its age-old 5.7L V8 that provides it with 381 horsepower, so-so compared to all you’re able to achieve with the F-150. We wish there was more of a competition when it comes to engines because, with Ford’s vast selection, the Tundra just can’t keep up. Sluggish shifting and a less-than-desirable suspension system make for a rough ride in the Tundra, as drivers report feeling every bump on the road. And if fuel efficiency is on your mind, don’t expect much from the Tundra, as it has some of the worst efficiency ratings in its class, a meager 13 MPG in the city and 17 MPG on the highway.

The Toyota Tundra seems to be off to a rough start, and as we advance, we can only expect the competition to heat up between these two tough travelers. When it comes to performance, the F-150 outshines the Tundra in spades. With a better engine selection, unmatched efficiency, especially with its hybrid model, and a penchant for getting the job done, there seems to be no stopping this well-respected vehicle.

A black 2021 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition CrewMax is shown towing a trailer down a dirt path.

Top Towing Marks

One of these trucks features best-in-class available towing and payload marks. Any idea which truck it is? If you guessed the 2021 Ford F-150, you guessed correctly. Its strong twin-turbo 3.5L V6, paired with Ford’s advanced trailering technology, allows the F-150 to tow up to 14,000 lbs, and with a max payload capacity of 3,325 lbs, there’s really no task you can’t tackle in this reliable truck. In addition to top power, the F-150 is available with added extras to make towing anything easier, like a Smart Trailer Tow Connector and a Smart Hitch to assist with hooking up your trailer for an effortless experience.

The 2021 Tundra doesn’t perform too badly here, but it’s still not as capable as the F-150. With a max towing capacity of 10,200 lbs and a max payload of 1,730 lbs, you’re able to get around nicely with your trailer, camper, or anything else you’re hauling. The Tundra comes standard with a towing package, which features a tow-hitch receiver, a strong battery, and more tech features to help make you more confident when you’re hauling. It also features nice trailering tech, like Trailer Sway Control, to allow for increased assurance while traveling. In short, the Tundra gets the job done when it comes to towing and hauling, but it has nowhere near the power that can be found in the F-150.

If you want to tow even the heaviest of loads, the F-150 won’t let you down. With best-in-class accolades to brag about, there’s no question that the F-150 is a top truck when you need to get some serious work done. The Tundra doesn’t perform too abysmally here, with average towing capabilities and a nice selection of trailering tech. If you need to tow, and we mean tow, then the F-150 is the pickup for you; however, if towing isn’t at the top of your list, the Tundra isn’t a bad choice.

Off-Road Readiness

Life isn’t all about work, and when you want to get out on the trails and fly through some mud, you need a pickup truck that can deliver the prowess you need on rough terrain. The 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor is the go-to solution for those wanting to explore uncharted destinations. Large all-terrain tires, enhanced shocks, and a suspension system that can handle even the roughest terrain await to wow you in the Raptor. Its unbelievable Terrain Management System features seven distinct drive modes to traverse any type of road or off-road condition with the finesse that only comes from a Ford. With specialized off-road lighting and upgraded abilities, you’re able to stay perfectly in control while you’re flying high over dirt mounds, cascading through desert sand, and anywhere else you dare to travel.

You may have heard of the Toyota Racing Division, and when you upgrade to the Tundra TRD, you’re in for a wild ride. A TRD-tuned FOX suspension system allows for a smooth and agile ride, no matter where the road or trail takes you. With a reinforced skid plate, forged aluminum wheels, and more, the Tundra is ready to steal the show. Its athleticism shines through its rugged exterior and into its comfortable interior to make for a tough off-road machine that’s ready to rumble.

Both the F-150 and the Tundra are pretty impressive on the trails, but when you have a Raptor sailing past you, your eyes are immediately drawn to its unrivaled prowess. Built exclusively for your off-road adventures, the Raptor is hard to beat, even with all the upgraded features found within the TRD package. With all the power you’re able to get out of a Ford, paired with immense capabilities on the trails, there’s no stopping the Raptor, and there’s no competing with it either.

A silver 2021 Ford F-150 Tremor is shown from the side driving through water after winning the 2021 Ford F-150 vs 2021 Toyota Tundra battle.

2021 Ford F-150 vs 2021 Toyota Tundra: Which Truck Is Right for Me?

It all comes down to what you need your truck to be able to do for you. If you need exceptional power to help you get more done in your day, Ford’s selection of durable and capable engines just can’t be topped. If towing ability is essential, again you can’t go wrong with the F-150. Although the Tundra has some power to be able to do what some pickups can’t, its frequently exasperated engine just can’t keep up. Even though it showcases a nice off-road option with its TRD model, there’s no comparison when a Ford Raptor is around. From power to performance, capabilities to agility, when it’s time to find your next tough truck, our vote lies with Ford, and its undeniably impressive F-150.