A black 2021 Buick Encore is parked with mountains in the background.

10 Cool Features on the 2021 Buick Encore

Established in 1903, Buick has become a household name by being one of the oldest automakers in the country. Focusing on producing luxury vehicles, the company manufactures high-quality sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. With a more affordable lineup these days, the new 2021 Buick Encore is an economical crossover that American families will love. Offered in two trims levels and with several add-on packages, you can find an Encore model that is best suited to your daily driving needs. But why should you consider a 2021 Buick Encore? Here are our top 10 cool features that could be yours if you choose to drive an Encore.

#10 – The Price

First, we have to mention the price. In the past, Buick has been known for making luxury vehicles that are out of many peoples’ price ranges. However, the new 2021 Buick Encore starts at $23,200. Now, you don’t have to pay luxury prices for a luxury vehicle. This makes the new Encore a great choice for families on a budget. Plus, with such a low starting price, you have plenty of wiggle room for adding all of the premium features you could want. Don’t let price keep you away from being a part of the luxury experience anymore.

#9 – The Powertrain

Every 2021 Buick Encore is equipped with a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. Paired with FWD and a 6-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain generates 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque. It also gets pretty good gas mileage with an average fuel economy set at 27 MPG combined (25 city/30 highway). This zippy little car is more than ready to get you wherever you need to go, and as a bonus, it’s easy to park.

A black 2021 Buick Encore is shown from the rear with its hatch open.

#8 – The Cargo Space

With available seating for up to five people, the 2021 Buick Encore offers 18.8 cubic feet of space behind the back row. This is plenty of room for luggage or groceries. If you happen to need more space and can spare the back seats, simply fold the rear row down to reveal the maximum cargo area of 48.4 cubic feet.

#7 – Keyless Entry and Ignition

One advanced feature that every 2021 Buick Encore comes standard with is keyless entry and ignition. Using a smart key system, the vehicle will recognize the key fob as long as it is on your person. You can lock, unlock, and start the engine without fumbling around for your keys. The push-button start technology also gives the crossover more of a sporty feel.

#6 – Advanced Infotainment

One of our favorite features that also comes standard on every 2021 Buick Encore is the advanced infotainment system. Displayed on a large 8-inch touchscreen, this interface works with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and text messaging. It also offers state-of-the-art smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can seamlessly stream your favorite tunes through the 6-speaker sound system and use apps without having to mess with your phone while you’re driving. Satellite radio, a USB port, and an auxiliary jack are also included.

A 4G LTE Wifi hotspot is also provided to keep you connected to the online world everywhere you go. You can share photos on your social media app while you’re on a road trip or find the nearest gas station or rest stop. Also, on the top-tier Preferred trim level, a 120-volt power outlet has been installed as well as a premium Bose stereo with seven speakers.

#5 – The AWD Option

While the Encore does come standard with FWD, it has an AWD system that allows for better handling over various road conditions. If you like to take cross-country road trips, you should definitely add this option to your Encore. AWD is also recommended for people who live in climates where snow and heavy rain are a consistent weather state. This system constantly monitors all four wheels and transfers power accordingly to provide the best traction possible.

#4 – Remote Start Technology

Also included on the Preferred trim level is remote start technology. This takes the keyless system to the next level. You can start the vehicle without even having to step outside. That means that you can get the vehicle warmed up in the winter so that you don’t have to jump into an ice-cold cabin. This advanced tech feature serves as both a comfort and convenience feature.

#3 – The Power Moonroof

If you haven’t noticed by now, the top-of-the-line Preferred model is our personal favorite. We love all of the upgrades it gets while still maintaining an affordable price tag. A power moonroof is available on this top-tier trim. You can open it up to enjoy a cool autumn breeze or to experience a bit of nature on your road trip. If you enjoy stargazing, then you definitely need this cool feature.

A mirror is shown in close up with an illuminated blind spot monitoring icon on a black 2021 Buick Encore.

#2 – The Safety Package

On the Preferred trim level, you can also add the Safety Package. This includes blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Blind spot monitoring uses side-mounted sensors to detect when another vehicle has entered your blind spot. If you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, the system will give you visual and audible alerts to prevent you from taking this action. On the other hand, rear cross-traffic alert uses the rearview camera and rear-mounted sensors to detect when another vehicle or obstacle crosses your path from behind. This system only works when the vehicle is in reverse, and it helps prevent fender benders.

#1 – The Safety Package II

Also available on the Preferred trim level is the Safety Package II. This is a more advanced suite of safety systems that includes rain-sensing wipers, forward collision alert, lane-departure warning, and parking sensors in the front and back. The rain-sensing wipers will turn on automatically during inclement weather to help keep your field of vision clear. Forward collision alert uses front-facing radar sensors to detect oncoming obstacles. If another vehicle is detected in your path, the system will alert you to take evasive action. Next, lane-departure warning uses sensors to monitor the lines on the road. If the vehicle begins to drift outside the designated lane, the system will notify you to take corrective action. Finally, front and rear parking sensors make getting into and out of tight or crowded parking spaces much easier.

Bonus Points

The 2021 Buick Encore is fun to drive, easy to park, and comes with plenty of advanced features even on the base model. We would like to point out that the Encore is a separate vehicle from the Encore GX. Both are available for the 2021 production year, and both are well-rounded, family-friendly models. The Encore GX is a bit larger, but the Encore is much more affordable.

Are you excited about the new 2021 Buick Encore? It’s a perky little ride with plenty of personality and lots of cool features that the whole family will love. If you would like to take one out for a spin, get in touch with your local Buick dealership. Bring the whole family along to see just how well it rides with everyone onboard.