Save Big With A Used Car

Going with a used car is both smart and a great way to save money. Buying new cars might give you the latest and greatest, but it isn’t what you would call an excellent investment. As soon as the car is driven off the lot, it instantly reduces in value. In the mortgage industry, owing […]

Top Three Car Brands

  Your car breaks down, you pull over and think, “I knew I should have bought ____ instead.” Hopefully, this scenario does not find you; however, odds are at least one reader of this article will experience this unfortunate event. There is much to consider when purchasing a car. Used cars are a great option […]

Luxury Car Redux: Used Cadillacs

  Long before Hummers and luxury SUVs, Cadillac was king, the personification of wealth and accomplishment. The brand never lost its focus on opulence. TV and print ads characterized owners of Cadillacs as rich, famous, and most of all, wildly successful. Other manufacturers produced look-alike competitors at lower prices, but nothing ever outshone the prestige […]