Cars That Sell Quickly

  Did you know the average used car sits for over 46 days? According to Auto Trader, that is how long used cars sit on lots and take up online listings. Some go faster, others take much, much longer. Perhaps you’re interested in selling your used vehicle. Wouldn’t it be nice to know it will […]

Looking Ahead to the 2021 BMW i4

Although BMW is still keeping pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming i4 that they’re working on, some details have slipped out from behind their walls. We’ve had a few teasing glimpses of what it will look like, and some specs that have been released. Beyond that, there’s a lot of conjecture floating around out there about […]

Save Big With A Used Car

Going with a used car is both smart and a great way to save money. Buying new cars might give you the latest and greatest, but it isn’t what you would call an excellent investment. As soon as the car is driven off the lot, it instantly reduces in value. In the mortgage industry, owing […]