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We’ve all been in that situation: a pricey aspect of your vehicle fails, forcing you to replace it. You’ll presumably research the GM parts (or any other applicable manufacturer) and find that these specific add-ons are rather pricey. You’ll subsequently come across some aftermarket parts that are considerably less expensive. However, does the fleeting financial [...]

Are you thinking of modifying your Jeep? That’s an excellent idea! While the brand’s vehicles are already plenty competent and capable, we don’t blame owners for seeking that extra edge from their SUV. Modifications can unlock a number of performance capabilities, especially when it comes to off-roading. However, if you’re a bit inexperienced with the [...]

Three Rules of the BMW 7 Series

Have you ever seen the original “Transporter” movie? While one can never be sure whether or not the elite of your community would actually require your services as a “transporter,” finding the right BMW Dealership would be the ideal first step in pacifying your inner Jason Statham. Granted, you may have no immediate desire to [...]

Jeeps of Fame and Fortune

Ever since they first emerged on highways, but first the battlefield more than 70 years ago, Jeeps have tugged on the heartstrings of all sorts of Americans, providing them with a sense of freedom, romance, and adventure. That’s why they continue to be one of the best selling cars in the U.S. They attract a [...]

Fashion Influences Car Design

Fashion influences all aspects of our lives including the way we think, act, and look. Do you not agree? On a basic level, it is our choice each day what to wear to school and work. Depending on the weather, it influences how warm or cool we want to be. But on a higher level, [...]

2018 Toyota Sienna Limited Minivan

Oh Toyota. You must be trolling us. We were all set to check out the Sienna as a serious contender for a fabulous family car or a marvelous minivan, but then we checked out your website and saw that you had the audacity to brand the eight passenger mom-mobile as the “One and Only Swagger [...]

Star Wars Force Awakens Themed Toyota Celia

If you're a Star Wars fan and a car enthusiast, then we have quite the quest for you. A 50-year-old Star Wars-theme Chevy Celica is currently unaccounted for, and the brand itself has reached out to the public in hopes that they'll receive some info regarding its current location. You're unlikely to find this specific [...]

Trump takes credit for toyota investing in the US

Toyota Invests in the US – Trump Takes Credit

President Donald J. Trump. No longer the punchline to a joke about the dire state of American politics, the now-acting POTUS is indeed the man who was made most famous by his ability to fire people on television with a firm and swift manipulation of his hand. Long before Mr. Trump was sworn into office [...]

Honda Ridgeline 2017

Run Away in the 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Ready to run away from the daily grind and all things ordinary? With warmer weather and longer days in the forecast, there is no time like the present to plan your next great escape. Fortunately, Honda has released the second generation of its mid-size pickup truck model: the 2017 Honda Ridgeline. Popular enough when it [...]

Nissan Pathfinder Wins Popularity Contest

Nissan Wins Popularity Contest

At least, according to Edmunds, that is. The trusted auto industry publication gave its expert endorsement to three of Nissan’s 2015 models, dubbing them the most popular options for their respective segments. Consumers in 2017 are in a sweet spot when it comes to scoring one of these three models, at a fraction of the [...]